{Outfit}: Relaxing at Bijao Beach

March 09 (1) March 09 (2)
  Saturday March 9, 2013

This is what I wore for a quite relaxing day at Bijao Beach. I really like the subtle pattern mix between the floral dress and floral wedges :)

March 09 (3) March 09 (4)
{Dress: Forever21 (Similar here!) ;  Steve Madden wedges: Present from my mom  ;  Hat: Madison (Panama)  ;  Rings: Forever21.com}
March 09 (5)

One of the things I enjoy the most of my weekends in Bijao is all of the food! It is no secret that I love to eat, and there are just soooo many yummy things to eat at Bijao.

March 09 (6) March 09 (7) March 09 (8) March 09 (9)

We had our usual BBQ in the afternoon, which was delicious. Gotta love corn cooked on the grill!

March 09 (10) March 09 (11)  March 09 (13) March 09 (14)

Then we decided to walk on the beach to watch the sunset. It was so romantic just to be with my boyfriend and hold his hand :)

March 09 (15) March 09 (16) March 09 (17)
March 09 (23)
March 09 (18) March 09 (19) March 09 (20)

I just want to send a quick thank you to my boyfriend for being so sweet and thoughtful, I love you Alejo!

March 09 (21) March 09 (22) March 09 (24)

Get the look:


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  1. I love food too :) Making corn on the grill is my absolute favorite way to eat it. As always, you have beautiful pictures and a gorgeous outfit! Heather

  2. The dress matches with the blue of the swim-pool!!! ;)

    Love everything as usual, and the breakfast (and of course the cupcake) looks sooooo yummy!!!!


  3. gorgeous in blue and love the floral prints

    kw ladies in navy

  4. Its funny how I envy all your cute florals but I could never get myself to buy something floral lol!


  5. You're so gorgeous! love that floral dress :)


  6. Love for this outfit! The blue looks gorgeous on you, Marie! I am in love with the dress, where did you get it?? And those wedges are so cute! <3
    Aw, it looks like you always have a great time in Bijao! The food looks delicious and that walk with your boyfriend sounds and looks so romantic, you two make a great couple! :)

  7. Why is it whenever you take pictures of food, even if it's just a bowl of grapes, I start drooling? Haha! You really can capture things well, Miss Marie. :D

    Goodness, that dress is the most beautiful shade of blue! And the flowers scattered in various places are just lovely. Looking cuuuuute! And Bijao looks amazing... I'm glad you got to spend time with your amazing boyfriend, hehe :)

  8. Thank you Heather!! Glad to hear we both love our corn on the grill, its making me hungry just to think about it.. haha ;)

  9. Thank you Maria!!! Glad you liked both the outfit and the food :)

  10. Hahahahhaa thank you! I know what you mean though. There are sooo many things that I admire on other bloggers, but when I try it on myself I don't like how it looks. haha.

  11. Aaaawww thank you! How sweet of you!

  12. You are so sweet, thank you!

  13. Thank you Jody!!! This dress is from Forever21, but its kind of old so I don't think they will have it in stores. I did add links to similar dresses on the bottom of the post in case you are interested.Hope you are having a great day!

  14. HAHAHAHAHA why is it that every time you write me a comment I laugh out loud!?! I loooooove your sense of humor. Thank you so much Ali!

  15. Your blog is really adorable. Like your style. :) Amazing pictures! And I love this blue color. Now I am your new follower now...hope you follow back.. (?)

    Have a nice day! ;)

    Your Elizabeth,


  16. That beach looks so amazing...such beauty. I love how you sported all your florals and all those fun rings!!

  17. GORGEOUS dress, and LOVE the hat. Amazing shades of blue!

    I hope you'll keep an eye out on my blog later today. I'll be featuring this as one of the looks I love today.



  18. Aaaawww thank you so much Elizabeth!! It makes me so happy to read your sweet words. Thank you so so much!

  19. Thank you!!!! Hope you have a great day!

  20. Aaaaww thanks Terry!! I always feel so honored when you feature one of my looks! Thank you so so much!

  21. I loved how you paired the two floral prints together- it looks great! Your hat is just adorable as well. :)

  22. Aaaww thanks Heidi! I really appreciate all your sweet comments!

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