Gorgeous Finca Lerida in Boquete

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  After relaxing several days in Volcan, we then spent a couple of days in another mountain area of Panama: Boquete!

Jan 10 (3) Jan 10 (4) Jan 10 (5)

Today we decided to visit a farm and restaurant called Finca Lerida to have lunch and walk around. The food was AH-mazing as well as the view from where we ate!

Jan 10 (6) Jan 10 (7) Jan 10 (8) Jan 10 (9) Jan 10 (10) Jan 10 (11) Jan 10 (12)
{Shirt: ? (Panama)  ;  Jeans: Estampa (Panama)  ;  Coat: Forever21  ;  Shoes: Payless Shoe Source}

After eating all of the yummy food, we went for a short walk around the farm to see all of the beautiful flowers and plants. Everything was just picture perfect with bright vibrant colors!

Jan 10 (13) Jan 10 (14) Jan 10 (15) Jan 10 (16)

At one point of our walk, my sister accidentally stepped on my foot. It hurt so much, that I actually fell on the ground laughing of the pain (Yeah, I laugh when I'm in pain... what can I say, I'm a weirdo... at least I'm a happy weirdo though ;)

Jan 10 (17)

The funny thing is that when I was lying on the floor laughing of pain, an adorable dog came to say HI! He kind of startled me at first to be honest, hence my surprised face ;P

Jan 10 (18) Jan 10 (19) Jan 10 (20) 

The dog was sooooo friendly! I really enjoyed playing with him.

Jan 10 (21) Jan 10 (22) Jan 10 (23)

After Finca Lerida, we decided to walk around the town. Look at this gorgeous river!

Jan 10 (24) Jan 10 (25)

During our walk, I saw the cuuuuutttest hat eeeeeeeveer: A monkey hat!! OMG, I couldn't help but buy it! I know i probably look ridiculous in it, but I love it nontheless :)

Jan 10 (26)

There was a huge event taking place in Boquete called Feria de las Flores (Fair of the flowers). Like the name implies, it is a fair filled with beautiful flower arrangements and plants for sale.

Jan 10 (27) Jan 10 (28) Jan 10 (29) Jan 10 (30) Jan 10 (31) Jan 10 (32)

I took better pictures of all the beautiful flowers the following day when we went back, but here are a couple just so you get an idea of how pretty it was!

Jan 10 (33) Jan 10 (34) Jan 10 (35) Jan 10 (36) Jan 10 (37)

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll be posting the last set of photos from our vacations in the countryside! Thanks for all of your support everyone!

Jan 10 (38)

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  1. I absolutely ADORE your outfit! these photos are so beyond beautiful!


  2. All of these gorgeous pictures of your vacation makes me want to book a flight to Panama!

  3. clearly your country has some of the best views around.
    love your encounter with the dog, and you just look so beautiful in the second/last photos.

  4. Wow, amazing photos, Marie! The flowers look so colourful and it seems like you had such a fun time, haha! The strawberry desert looks amazing, what was it???

  5. Bright photoes and nice outfit!
    Thx for visiting my blog!

    Would you like to follow each other?


    StyleList By Me Blog



  6. Ahh! I'm so so jealous of all your amazing adventures, Marie. You always visit the neatest places and take the brightest, prettiest pictures. These sure make me miss the green of summer! Just look at all those florals... it's like walking around in a big boquet!

  7. Boquete is  one of my favorite places ... glad you had so much time to enjoy it :)

  8. you're just going on all these marvelous trips! Sooooo relaxing and beautiful! Thanks for taking us along!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  9. The girls in the traditional clothes are gorgeous. Is it normal for people to wear it in certain areas or is it more for tourists ?

  10. Hello!!! Thank you so much!! Actually, they only wear the traditional folkloric dresses at special events or for tourists. In this case, they were going to perform some traditional Panamanian dances, so they were all dolled up. So cute right?!

  11. Thank you Lorena!! It is one of my favorites as well!

  12. Hahahaha thats a funny way to put it, but so true!! It is indeed like a big bouquet, hahaha. Thanks so much!

  13. Aaaww, thank you so so much!! Glad to hear you liked them!

  14. Beautiful flowers! And I love your coat :) ♥


  15. Thank you so much Jody!! The strawberry dessert was strawberry Jubilee or something like that. It is basically pieces of cake, strawberry, and I think raisins all sauteed in a sweet licour and then with a caramel-ish sauce. It was soooo good!

  16. Aaaawww thanks Lydia!! It makes me so happy to hear you think my country is beautiful. One of my goals for this year is to feature more local beauty so that people get to know Panama a little better. So I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed them!

  17. hahahahahaha I hope you DO visit Panama someday!!! If you do, let me know so we can meet up! hehehe. Thanks for stopping by ;)

  18. Aaaaaawww thank you!!! You are so sweet!

  19.  Thank you Monika!! Glad you liked it!

  20. Such lovely pictures! I love your sisters outfit! 
    I swear when I am in pain--- I think it's the only time you will see me swear - well maybe in traffic too...haha :) 

  21. Lovely flowers and lovely dresses..Thanks for sharing(:
    Latest Fashion Trends

  22.  Thank you Heidi!! Hahahahaha I guess each person's response to pain is different right? Anyway, I can get pretty fiesty in traffic as well, so I understand u there ;)


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