2012 Recap: November Outfits

12 Dec 31 - Year Recap - 11 Nov

  Here is the 11th part of the 2012 outfit recap! Below are all the outfits I wore in September 2012. Remember that you can click on each outfit to see the full outfit post :)

11 Nov 0711 Nov 09 11 Nov 1011 Nov 14 11 Nov 2211 Nov 23 11 Nov 24 11 Nov 2511 Nov 27 11 Nov 2911 Nov 30

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  1. You have great style :) So bright and colourful-my fave is the white and blue floral dress and the black dress with the baker cap!!


  2. oh the white dresse wit blue flower is amazing!!!

    beautiful novembre

  3. Lovely dresses. They make up such a romantic image! It'll be popular in this spring trends, like here:
    Upcoming trends.By the way, I followed you up with GFC, it'd be great if you follow me back.

  4. You have such a fun, beautiful style! Love it! :)

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  5.  Aaaawww, thank you Mona!! It makes me so happy to hear you like my style!

  6.  Thank you so so much Alicia!! I really appreciate your sweet words and follow :)

  7.  Aaaaww, thanks Natasha!!! Yai, so glad to hear you enjoyed these outfits!

  8. you have so many cute dresses! love all these outfits!

  9. The November outfits are as gorgeous! So lovely! My favorite is that mint clothing! :)

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  10. I just love so many of your outfits.  My favorites are the top two - brightly colored floral prints are always a win.

  11. Love the post. I see you have a lot of talent, so I decided to follow :). I hope you can travel on over to my site: http://theproverbs.net and follow. Hope to hear from you very soon. Thanks for your time...God Bless!

    Steven B. 0:)

  12. Thank you so so much Katie, it makes me happy to hear you like my outfits ;)

  13.  Aaaawww thank you Annabelle!! Yeah, I usually feel my best in colorful floral prints ;)


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