2012 Recap: April Outfits

12 Dec 31 - Year Recap - 04 April  

Here is the fourth part of the 2012 outfit recap! Below are all the outfits I wore in April 2012. Remember that you can click on each outfit to see the full outfit post :) 

 04 April 0204 April 03 04 April 0404 April 05 04 April 0804 April 09 04 April 1004 April 14 04 April 1504 April 16 04 April 1804 April 19 04 April 2304 April 24 04 April 2704 April 28 

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  1. Beautiful as always :) :*


  2. your pleated maxi is fabulous - i hope  you style that again soon!

  3. Really love your outfits dear because you have great style and pretty colors combined. :)

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  4. Thank you so much Chai!! So glad to hear you like my style ;)

  5. Thank you so much!! Can you believe that this was the one and only time I've worn that pleated maxi skirt??!?! I definitely need to style that baby again soon! hehe.

  6. Aaawwww, thank you Monika!!

  7. I love all of the color.  My favorite outfits are the first two, with the brightly colored tops and floral skirts.

  8. Thank you Annabelle!! Those are one of my go-to outfits: Floral skirts and colorful tops. So easy and always looks bright and cheerful. Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments, I really appreciate it!


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