Dec 15 (1) Dec 15 (2) Saturday December 15, 2012

Christmas day seems to be getting closer and closer, and I'm getting more and more excited! The main reason why we are all so excited is because my brother Mike who lives in Europe is coming to Panama for Christmas... YAI!! We are all sooooo excited to see him!

Dec 15 (3) Dec 15 (4) Dec 15 (5)  

I got a whole lot of compliments on today's outfit for some reason. Some people really liked my layered necklaces, others where smitten with my Panda umbrella. It made me feel pretty special ;)

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Are you excited for the holidays? What are you mostly excited about?

Dec 15 (10) 
 {Ralph Lauren dress: Dorians ;  Forever21 vest: Present from my parents ;  Shoes: Present from my friends  ;  Clutch: ;  Layered necklaces: Forever 21 (Find one here!) ;  Panda Umbrella: (Find it here!)}


Get the look:

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  1. You look like you have a halo :)


  2. Hi Marie! how cute u look, and Im in love with ur pand umbrella! Merry Xmas and enjoy these days with ur family, specially with ur brother who is going to Panama with u :)  xoxoxo

  3. Your dress is cute and the pearls suit it so well ^^

  4. I have never seen an umbrella like that before- so neat! 
    Cute outfit too. I am excited for the holidays. I enjoy spending time with my family and eating a nice dinner for Christmas. :) 

  5. Cute panda umbrella Marie! Really made you look cuter too. :)
    The dress and accessories are all lovely. Love how you really came up with this look. :)

    Happy weekend! Happy holidays! Hope you can visit me again dear! And maybe follow back? Hope we can follow each other (been following you though). ^_^

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  6. Oh my God that umbrella is so amazing!! :) And you look amazing too darling, as always :)

  7. I love that dress!

  8. Looooove the outfit, Marie! Even though it is black and white instead of your usual pop of colours, it still looks amazing on you :) I love the dress, the shoes (the bow is TOO CUTE!) and the layered necklaces, I can completely understand why you received some compliments ;)

    Yayyy, I'm so excited about Christmas! I can't wait to give the presents I got everyone and to just spend time with family. Oh, and watch Christmas films on tv, haha! <3 Have an amazing time with your family and especially your brother!

  9.  Hahahahaha I know right?! For some reason the light reflecting on the umbrella looked like a halo in these photos. Thanks for stopping by Ashley!

  10.  Thank you Maria!! I'm so glad to hear you think so!

  11.  Thank you Heidi! I had never seen an umbrella like this until I came upon it on Modcloth and was immediately obsessed.

    I'm sooo glad to hear you are excited about the Holidays! Spending time with family and eating yummy food is just the best isn't it?! I'm so happy for you!

  12.  Thank you so much Monika!!! Yai!!

  13.  Thank you Molly!! You are so sweet ;)

  14.  Thank you so so much Jody!! Yeah, I've been wearing less color lately haven't I?!?! Oh well. Glad to hear you like my outfits all the same ;)

    I'm so excited about Christmas too! I wish you the best of times this Holiday season. Have a fantastic day!

  15. Such a pretty little walkway! I like all the plants growing between the rocks. It makes for a good setting. :D 

    That is so awesome that you're going to be able to see your brother, especially since he lives so far away ! I hope you guys have an awesome time when he gets there and that you'll be able to catch up. n____n

    Polka dot cuteness!

  16.  Thank you so much Ali!! My brother made it home safely and I've had a blast spending time with him. That's partly the reason why I haven't posted in a while... hehe. You are always so sweet, hope you had a great holiday!

  17. Well how could you NOT get compliments on this beautiful outfit ?!
    and you even match your cat!

  18.  Thank you so much Lorena!! Funny I thought the same thing about matching the cat! hahahahaha.

  19. Your umbrella is glowing!!!! Hahaha..


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