Orlando Day 2, Part 2: Animal Kingdom!

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Like I said yesterday, we visited both Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom on the second day of our Orlando trip. Here are some of my favorite photos from Animal Kingdom!

Oct 27 A (3) Oct 27 A (4)  
**Note: Look closely and you will see all sorts of animals etched into this giant tree! Pretty cool huh?

Oct 27 A (5)  
**Note2: Monkeys!!

I really enjoyed walking around the park seeing all sorts of wild animals and beautiful scenery. I especially enjoyed seeing elephants, giraffes, and rhinos for the first time!

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The entire park is decorated with a sort of rustic historic feeling. It was so much fun to walk around and discover more and more beautiful things.

Oct 27 A (9) Oct 27 A (10) Oct 27 A (11) Oct 27 A (12) Oct 27 A (13)  

They also had some pretty amazing birds!! My favorites were the ones with bright colored feathers :)

Oct 27 A (14) Oct 27 A (15) Oct 27 A (16) Oct 27 A (17)  

The funnest ride at this park was definitely the White Water Rapids!! Its basically a round boat/doughnut thing that you sit on and go down a fast river. You get aaaaalll wet, but its loads of fun!

Oct 27 A (18)  

Apart from the White Water Rapids, I also really enjoyed a 3-D movie attraction. Check out our funky Bug Glasses! hehehe.

Oct 27 A (19)  

We breezed through this park super quickly, but I enjoyed every minute of it :)

Oct 27 A (20) Oct 27 A (21) Oct 27 A (22)
Stay tuned!! Next up is Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and the Halloween Horror Night!

  Oct 27 A (23)

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  1. Beautiful photos! That is one place I definitely want to go to at Disney World. I love animals! :) 

  2. what a beautiful park - I love the tigers!
    the shot of you taken from a lower vantage point is just gorgeous.

  3. beautiful pics^^

  4. What a beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing with us these memorable moments...
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  5. Wow, these photos are incredible! Seems like lots of fun! 
    I so wish I go there!

  6. Everything really is so pretty! I love how they decorated this part of the part in an almost overgrown, magical kind of way. :)

  7. I'm loving the Minnie Mouse ears :-p Minnie Mouse is my Astrid's favourite cartoon and she had a Minnie Mouse birthday cake as well a few weeks ago... Looks like your are having tonnes of fun... xoxo

  8. I haven't been here in years! I'm sure there's lots of new things since I was there last, I'd love to go back! Pretty photos and I love your Minnie ears and matching outfit:)

  9. wao estan super cools las fotos! quiero estar alla!! el ultimo viaje no fue suficiente fue muy corto!! :'(


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