Orlando Day 2, Part 1: Disney Hollywood Studios!

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Saturday October 27, 2012 (Part 1)

The very first of our many adventures in Orlando was to visit the Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom parks!! I'll publish a separate post about Animal Kingdom since there are SO many photos ;)

I decided to wear a Minnie Mouse inspired outfit today!! I really looooooved how it turned out, especially with my new cute Minnie and Mickey charms ;)

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I could feel the excitement running through my veins as we got closer and closer to the park. I am such a little girl when it comes to Disney (and most everything else to be honest), so I was super duper excited!

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Walking around Disney Hollywood Studios was like a blast from the past. I remember walking down the same streets and seeing the same attractions when I was a little girl. It was such a joy to see it all over again ;)

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My favorite ride in the entire park was most definitely the Aerosmith roller coaster! I really love roller coasters in general, especially ones that are in the dark with neon lights like the Aerosmith one.

Oct 27 (12)  

My second favorite ride was probably the Toy Story ride!! For those of you who haven't gone, its a 3-D ride where you shoot targets and accumulate points. Its super competitive and super fun!

Oct 27 (13) Oct 27 (14) Oct 27 (15)  

The scariest ride for me was The Tower of Terror!! I always scream to the top of my lungs on this dropping elevator ride.

Oct 27 (16) Oct 27 (17)  

Apart from the fun rides, I also enjoyed pigging out at the parks. It was fun (and delish!) to buy Minnie and/or Mickey inspired treats. This carrot cake cupcake was especially delicious... as you can see from the below photos ;)

Oct 27 (18) Oct 27 (19) Oct 27 (20)  

It was also fun to look around all the fun merchandise. There were so many cute things!
Oct 27 (25) Oct 27 (26) Oct 27 (27)
Every second of the day was magical. There is so much to see at Disneyworld and so little time. 

Oct 27 (21) Oct 27 (22) Oct 27 (23) Oct 27 (24)

At night, we watched the Fantasmic show which is just spectacular! I especially loved all the Disney songs and special effects.

Oct 27 (28) Oct 27 (29) Oct 27 (30)  

You know what was the best part of my day? All the lovely people I was with! I mean, there couldn't be a sillier group between me, my sister, my boyfriend, my brother Tom, and his girlfriend. We hopped all over the park singing songs and doing silly dances.

Oct 27 (32) Oct 27 (33)  
{Ralph Lauren dress: Dorians (Panama)  ;  Shoes: Skechers  ;  Jacket: Used to be my sister's  ;  Minnie & Mickey charms: Amazon.com (Find them here! and here!)}

Stay tuned!! Next up is.... Animal Kingdom!

Oct 27 (31)

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  1. beautiful pics! it's amazing trip^^


  2. I haven't been to Hollywood Studios since I was little and it was MGM. My friend and I just got to Orlando last night! We're not doing any of the Disney parks, though. Just Universal and I think one of the Sea World ones! Hope you have a great trip! It's so weird that we're here at the same time! haha.

    -Sara, Swing The Day Away

  3. Awwwwww Marie!! This looks like so much fun! So many fun rides and just spending all day with your family eating whatever you want sounds pretty fun. :) :) I'm glad you enjoyed your second day of vacation... its really making me want to go back to Disney! Haven't been there since I was like 7, hahaha!

  4. You are too cute in your Minnie Mouse-inspired dress. I think it's so great that you did a "siblings" trip like this one :)

  5. Such a cute outfit for Disney :)
    I've never been to Disney (I know, none of my friends believe me) - however I have been to all the other parks and it's always fun.

  6. Oh man, I was just there in August, but this post makes me want to go back! I was SO SCARED to go on Tower of Terror for the first time, but I actually kind of loved it.  Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  7. Looks like you had the most incredible time!!! You are just the queen of Disney!!

  8. Looks like you had a really good day! Such cute photos and you look very happy. :) Love the dress you are wearing!

  9. Yayyy for Disney!! Your outfit is so cute :)

  10. ohhh how fun I have only been to magic kingdom at disney world...loved every second I was there...Enjoy your vacation! <3


  11. You look so adorable and it looks like you're having so much fun!  I love to go to Disneyland, but I've never been to Disneyworld before.  The Hollywood Studio's sounds really fun.

  12. Wow, it looks like you guys had the best time :) I really love your dress!!



  13. oh q cool!! hollywood studios es donde estan mis atracciones favoritas! no fuiste al show de los carros? ese show es demasiado cool!

  14. I love Orlando and everything about Disney!!Your photos are great,can I know which camera did you use??Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  15.  Hello Karin! AAaaww, I'm so glad to hear you liked my Disney photos! To answer your question, I used a Sony Alpha A350 to take all of these photos. Have a great day!

  16.  Hollaaa!!! Esta vez no nos dio tiempo para ver el show de los carros, pero el año antepasado si lo vi!! En verdad es super cool! El ride q a mi me fascina de este parque es Aerosmith!

  17.  I know right?! Tower of  Terror looks so creepy, but once you get on it you see that it isn't THAT bad... hehe. Glad to hear you had such a fun time in August. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  18.  Hi Sara!! How exciting that you are in Orlando!!! The Universal parks (both Universal and Islands of Adventure) are the most thrilling parks, so I'm glad you are going there! I'm actually already back in Panama (boo hoo), how I wish I was still in Orlando. Hope you have a great trip!

  19. Alexa SleepEatBreatheFashionNovember 9, 2012 at 4:34 PM

    sooo jealous right now! saw your plane pic on instagram <3 I hope you have an absolutely fantastic rest of your trip Marie! you are the perfect Minnie Mouse btw 

    Alexa <3

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