Dance Show at Panama's National Theatre

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Tuesday November 27, 2012

Today I had such a fun night! But first, lets talk about my new obsession: this leather skirt! I bought it at Forever 21 during our trip to Orlando, and I've been wanting to pair it with just about anything ever since ;)

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{Shirt: Conway (Panama) (Similar here!)  ;  Skirt: Forever21 (Similar here!) ;  Shoes: BMB (Panama) (old) (Similar here!)  ;  Star clutch: (Similar here!)  ;  Belt: Used to be my sisters (Similar here!)}

Ok, now on to the big plans of the night! Today I went to a Dance Show to see my sister act and dance as one of the main characters of the show. How cool is that!?!

The show took place at Panama's National Theater down in Casco Viejo (a historic area of Panama). I absolutely LOVE that theater because everything is decorated so glamorously.

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The show brought back lots of good memories from the time I use to dance myself. For those of you who don't know, I danced ballet, jazz, tap, and modern for 9 years when I was younger. Out of all the dance types, I particularly loved tap (and I was pretty good at it too!). 

Here are a couple of photos of tonight's show:

Nov 27 (11) Nov 27 (12) Nov 27 (15) Nov 27 (13) Nov 27 (14)

Seeing all of these dances made me want to dance again as well. But the truth is that I don't really have the time (or energy) for dancing anymore. Or maybe I do? We will see, I'm still thinking about it ;)

Nov 27 (17) Nov 27 (16) Nov 27 (18)

Aaaaaanyway, the best part of the show was definitely my sister's performance!! She acted and danced as an old grandmother, which was one of the two main characters of the entire show. 

My sister played her role so well and kept the audience entertained and laughing. She added a delightful comic relief to the entire show. 

Nov 27 (19) Nov 27 (20) Nov 27 (21)

Congrats Annie, you were fantastic!

Nov 27 (22)

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  1. How fun :) I love your skirt!

    xo Ashley

  2. You look very pretty! :)

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  3. You looked gorgeous! Love the skirt. :D

  4. That skirt is great, and your sister is too cute :)

  5. Congrats on your sister being in the show! She looked great up on the stage! 
    I didn't know you were a dancer- I have no dancing skills haha. Adore your skirt- it doesn't look like it came from Forever21! Great find. :) 

  6. Well done to your sister! Looks like such a lovely venue and such a cheerful show - so many nice bright costumes :)

    Really like your studded belt and cute metallic star clutch :)

  7. Oh my, that's one ornate theatre--it's so very pretty indeed! I'm glad that you were a) able to wear your super cute new skirt and b) see your sister perform... how exciting! I bet it was a lovely time, a lovely time indeed! haha, I love how in that last picture you're taller than your dad (I'm assuming that's your dad, haha!)--must be the heels. ;)

    Those pictures of the play are fantastic! You captured it wonderfully. :D

  8. What a marvelous skirt !!!!! i love the edginess of the leather like fabric and the traditional cut. Not only is is beautiful BUT it fits spectacularly well.
    And how great you all went to support your sister, the National Theatre is one of my favorites... oh and did you know they are opening a F21 store here soon ?

  9. Great show! And you looked great with that outfit. The leather skirt is indeed awesome, Marie! :)

    Your sister must be proud with all your family's support :)

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  10. Hey dear! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm so glad that I found your blog because it's so wonderful! How do you edit your photos? I think the light is incredible. Do you have a tip for me? I edit with Gimp.

    Daria from

  11. Love your outfit, Marie. That little silver star bag is so incredibly cute!

    Wow, what an amazing theatre, I love buildings like that! It's already a pleasure to just be inside one of them! It looks like a great show, lots of lovely outfits. Your sister looks great, you must be so proud! Does she do the acting/dancing for fun or is it really her job? It's great you also danced for such a long time; you should definitely start doing it again if you can find the time! :)

  12. It must have been really cool to see your sister dance on that grand stage!  I love that skirt and cannot wait to see all the ways you are going to style it!

  13. I love how you are so supportive of your sister!  You used to be a dancer?  For some reason that does not surprise me, I think you should find time for it again.  Every time I see an amazing performance I wish I would have been a dancer.  It always looks like so much fun:)  I started taking some swing dance lesson recently just to try it out - I'm not very good, but it is still fun ;)

  14. you look gorgeous dear! and omg the show seems spectacular xx

    Letters To

  15.  Thank you Ashley!

  16.  Thank you Eda, you are so sweet!

  17. Thaaaaaaaank you!! I'm in love with this skirt as well! Hope you are having a great day!

  18.  Thank you Kimberly!! Yeah, my sister kept me smiling the whole show, she is just adorable (and hilarious!). Thanks for stopping by ;)

  19.  Thank you Heidi!! Yeah, I used to LOVE dancing, but then I got into modeling and didn't have enough time to dance anymore. Now I don't model nor dance, I just BLOG! lol. Hope you are having a nice day!

  20.  Thank you Mica!! Yeah, I really enjoyed the show, especially all the pretty costumes and all that. Thanks for stopping by!

  21.  Thank you so much Ali!! Yes, thats indeed my dad in the last picture. He is taller than me by just a little bit, but when I wear heels I'm always taller than him! hehehe.

  22.  Thank you Lorena!! YEESSS!! I heard that its opening in the new area of Multiplaza, I CAN'T WAIT! I'll probably just set camp in a corner of the store and LIVE IN THERE... hahahahaha. Just kidding, but I am very excited though ;)

  23.  Hello Daria!! I'm so so glad to hear you like my blog and my photos, thank you!

    In terms of the photos, I would recommend taking most of your photos with natural light if possible (meaning, light from the sun rather than from a light bulb). That makes editing the photos much easier. I use Adobe Photoshop to edit my photos.

    Does this answer your question? If not please let me know and thanks again for your kind words!

  24.  Thank you Jody!!! I was indeed, SO proud of my sister! She has always been good at acting, but is just now starting to actually try to be in plays and such. She works full time as a manager, but likes to act in her free time.

    I am still considering the dancing thing, if I decided to try it again I will definitely take pictures to let you all know!

  25.  Thank you!!!! It was sooo cool to see her on the stage again, I was definitely very proud to be her sister. Thanks for your kind words!

  26.  Thank you Annabelle!!! Hahaha funny you say that me being a dancer doesn't surprise you. I used to REALLY enjoy it, so perhaps I will try it again. Lets wait and see what 2013 has to offer! Swing dance lessons sounds like so much fun, kudos for trying it out!

  27.  Thank you so much Mitha!! The show was definitely awesome!!

  28. First off I love that leather skirt! SO hip and I have definitely looked at a few at Forever 21 myself. It's so great that you were able to watch your sister perform! That theater looks amazing and the show looks like it was a lot of fun, I loved looking at all the costumes and your sister as an old lady haha. I've done some dance in shows I've been in and it is a lot of fun! Maybe you could get back into a class that meets like once a week or something! I'm sure you're dying to get back into it after dancing for so long! Hope you're having great week Marie! 

    perfectly priya

  29.  Thank you so much Priya! Yeah, watching the show really made me remember how much I used to enjoy dancing. I'm thinking about asking my sister to take a class with me just so its funner, we will see what she says. You've done some dance in shows? That's awesome!! Hope you are having a great week too ;)

  30. marie, you look so elegant! how exciting to see your sister perform. i'm sure it was a delightful time. :)

  31. Firstly, your outfit looks so great! I adore that star clutch! Isn't it just the best clutch ever!! And second the dancers look amazing! It looks like a great evening!!
    Lemonwood and Honey

  32.  Thank you Teddi!! It sure was a delight to see my sister performing, it reminded me of all the years I used to dance. Maybe I'll try it again sometime :)

  33.  Thank you so much Britney! I'm so happy to hear you like my outfit and all the dancer photos. Thanks so much!!


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