My laptop is under attack by a ball of cuteness!

Leopard Skirt and a Pop of color Leopard Skirt and a Pop of color  

Monday October 15, 2012

This leopard skirt is yet another of the many cases in which I buy/receive a new item and then don't wear it for moooooonths. I'm glad I finally got around to wearing it!

Leopard Skirt and a Pop of color Leopard Skirt and a Pop of color Leopard Skirt and a Pop of color
My parents' kitten Billy has this bad habit of hiding behind my laptop and then attacking it. He likes to chew on the cables, the corners, the sides, anything really.

Cute Kittie!Cute Kittie!
Apart from the biting, he also likes to play Peek-A-Boo by peeking at me and then hiding behind the laptop again... its sooooo adorable!

Cute Kittie!  

Sorry I post so much about cats everyone... what can I say, I'm a true bonafide cat lady ;)

Leopard Skirt and a Pop of color  

{Skirt: Dorians (Panama) (Similar here!)  ;  Top: Conway (Panama) (Similar here!) ;  Belt: Forever21 (old) (Similar here!)  ;  Nine West heels: Nine West Outlet (only cost me $15!!)  ;  Purse: Borrowed from my mom (Similar here!)}

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  1. Oh Billy is so cute, although i bet you don't think he is cute after he chews on something..
    great skirt.

  2. jajaja el gato me mato da mucha risa

  3. I like seeing pictures of your kitties! I have one, but she has to live with my mom since Dork's allergic. But it turned out okay, since we got Oxford instead. :)

    I love your skirt! I recently had to get rid of my cute cheetah print skirt, but they are so fun to work with!

  4. Such a cute skirt! I love cats but I am allergic- boo :(


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