My Parents 35 Year Wedding Anniversary!

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Monday September 10, 2012 (night)

As I mentioned earlier, today was my parents 35 year wedding anniversary!! Wao right?! I'm so so proud to have such loving and supportive parents, they are such wonderful role models!

Sept 10 (9)

To celebrate, my family decided to rent a fancy room and have an elegant dinner! I decided to wear this silver dress that I've been storing for a special occasion.

Sept 10 (10) Sept 10 (11) Sept 10 (12)

I also came up with this braided updo for the occasion! It was very easy and I think it looks pretty good.

Sept 10 (13) Sept 10 (14) Sept 10 (15)  

{Dress: Dorians (Panama)  ;  Heels: BBB (Panama)  ;  Clutch:}

Tonight was such a magical and romantic evening. My parents drank from the same cups they did 35 years ago when they got married...

Sept 10 (16) Sept 10 (17)  

My father also surprised my mom with some really romantic details! For starters, he got on one knee and asked her to re-marry him. He also danced and sang the most romantic song to her. It was SO romantic that I literally started crying ;)

Sept 10 (18)

Of course, we couldn't let the evening be too formal since we are the silly McGraths. We were our silly selves as usual.

Sept 10 (19)  

I want to thank my parents for being the best parents I could have ever asked for. You have done a great job at encouraging each of us to be our own person. Thank you!

Congratulations on your 35 years together! We all love you!

Sept 10 (20)

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  1. Aww happy anniversary to your parents - those cups are adorable and in such good condition 35years later!!

    Love your shoes and purse - bet you can't get much in there right???

    Sal x

  2. waaao 35 años! felicidades a tus papas! ese vestido esta bn bonito!

  3. Hahaha sabes q no sabia q eras tu hasta ahorita que revise el email que escribio esto! Hahaha taaaaaarde. Anyway, mil gracias por todos tus comments y por to apoyo. Eres muy buen amigo, te extraño!


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