Meet Mini-Gorilon!

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Sunday September 16, 2012

Guess what guys?! My boyfriend surprised me today by buying me this adooooorable monkey doll. I asked what was the occasion, and he said it was "just because". How sweet is he right?!

Summer Fashion Summer Fashion Summer Fashion Summer Fashion  

After much thought, we decided that this monkey is the lost child of Gorilon since he looks so much like him. Therefore, his name from now on will be Mini-Gorilon! hahaha.

Summer Fashion Summer Fashion Summer Fashion  

The funny thing about our silly monkey jokes is that we know we are being childish and silly, but we still joke anyway. Why should life be so serious right?! Sometimes you just got to kick back and play with monkey dolls ;)

Summer Fashion  
{Dress: (Similar Here!) ;  Flats: (Find them HERE for $20.70!)  ;  Scarf: Present from my friend Diana (Thanks!) (Similar Here!)}

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  1. Awwwwe, that is just too cute of him!! You guys sound like such an adorable couple. Happy for youu! :) and it's always fun to have silly jokes together.

    These pictures are seriously gorgeous. I can't get over that first one with the sun! Ahhh! You look like a lovely angel! So very pretty. That gown flows so elegantly, and ThE COLOR! Sigh it's perfect~~ :)

  2. jajaja ya no puedes hablar de los tiros! vas a quedar igualita con un gorilon de cada tamaño jajaja


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