Last week on Instagram...

Instagram (1)Instagram (2)  
1. Maxi being beyond adorable -- 2. Yummy accessories!

Instagram (3)Instagram (4)  
3. Stacked rings from Asos (Still available here!) -- 4. I wanted to adopt this wounded bird, but when I returned to get him, he wasn't there anymore :(

Instagram (5)Instagram (6)  
5. Watched a funny play, and then... 6. ate some nachos!

Instagram (7)Instagram (8)  
7. and 8. What I wore at the beach

Instagram (9)Instagram (10)  
9. and 10. Eating some yummy goodies

Instagram (11)Instagram (12)  
11. and 12. Another beach outfit!

Instagram (13)Instagram (14)  
13. A little bit of Paradise -- 14. Having a late night dinner with wine

Instagram (15)Instagram (16)
15. Tasty waffles! -- 16. My adorable Ellie

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Hope you are all having a great week!

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  1. Love your rings and beach outfits! You look beautiful!



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