Sneak peek: The Products of my Shopping Obsession

08 Aug 01 - New F21 & Asos (1)  
All items from; still available: Color block skirt, $19.80

So do you all remember when I said that I am on this crazy online shopping frenzy? Well, I bet you didn't think that I bought this much! Check out everything I got... I went completely overboard ;)

All items from; still available: Beaded clutch, $23.80  ;  Teal hat, $9.99  ;  Cougar ring, $5.80

08 Aug 01 - New F21 & Asos (3) 
All items from

08 Aug 01 - New F21 & Asos (4)
All items from; still available: Pearl and flower necklace, $14.80  ;  Lavender maxi dress, $32.80  ;  Beige dress, $27.80

That's a lot of stuff huh?!?

And guess what? I bought soooooo much from, that they threw in a full grown kitty for free:

08 Aug 01 - New F21 & Asos (5)

hahahahahha, just kidding ;)

Oh, and it doesn't stop there, I also bought a couple of things from
08 Aug 01 - New F21 & Asos (6)
All items from; still available: Tribal nail strips, $11.10  ;  Donut nail strips, $6.63  ;  Zigzag rings, $16.57  ;  Crochet flats, $24.80  ;  Beach sandals, $26.51  ;  Purple flats, $24.86

I didn't buy as much at (compared to my F21 frenzy), but I still got a free consolation kitty for my purchase:

08 Aug 01 - New F21 & Asos (7) 

hahahaha, ok ok, I'll stop with the kitty jokes now. Anway, there you have it folks: I'm an online shop-o-holic! 

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  1. Hola Marie! cuando haces compras online usas un P.O. Box de Estados Unidos o usas correos nacionales de Panama?

    1. Hola Jilma!! Sorry que me demore tanto en responderte este mensajito, no lo habia visto hasta ahora, que pena! Para contestar tu pregunta, yo uso Mailbox Etc. para traer la mayoria de mis cosas. Algunas cosas más grandes lo traigo con la compañia donde trabajo. Nunca he traido nada con el correo nacional de Panama, asi que en verdad no se como funciona ni nada.

      Si tienes alguna otra pregunta, no dudes en escribirme un comment o un email a thejoyoffashion (at) hotmail (dot) com . Gracias!

  2. Haha, do they throw in a free kitty on every order and are they all that cute?  ^_^

    Loooove everything!  You naughty girl, now I'm gonna have to go check out the website, I am loving so many of those necklaces (The green and blue in the second picture is just stunning looking.)   The bluen and green clutch is stunning as well and I can't belive that white and black blazer is F21,  it looks so lux!

  3. So many cute stuff!! I love shopping, and I confess I love to see what everyone else is buying! :D

  4. Forever 21 is so easy to get sucked into everything is so affordable! Hopefully you can kick the shopping craving after this binge ;)

  5. OMG you did go overboard !
    I have been trying to control my spending habits.

  6. threw in a free kitty .... lol :)

  7. Love all the stuff you bought! But I must say, the big bag in the first picture struck my eye. My best friend would love it so much!

  8. Great stuff! Ha, I'll take the cat!!

  9. Forever21 is a goldmine and shopping there online makes it SO easy to go crazy because everything is neatly laid out! Can't wait to see all your new outfits, looks like some amazing jewelry. I also adore that lavender dress and the overnight bag (?) from F21 looks amazing too! I'm a sucker for big bags!

    perfectly priya

  10. Such great finds at Forever21 and ASOS! I just bought some things too from Forever21 and I can't wait to wear them! I am loving the jewelry you picked out! 

  11. OMG shopping frenzy indeed. I love forever 21, whenever go there I loose myself in their world and come out with loads of stuff. The jewelerys are gorgeous and the peacock-esque  clutch is stunning. Look forward to how you style them. 

    Now all you need after such a frenzy is a nice cocktail to relax and. 

  12. ohh looks like a great haul - can't wait to see them in action!

  13. Cute things! I love online shopping! I think I have those same crochet white shoes :) haha 

  14. Forever 21 can be particularly addicting in person, I can't imagine how it feels not having the store there! You just should look out for quality, because sometimes in person, you can compare the items that are not as good quality as others. I've bought things from there that have lasted years and others that only last a few wears. The store is incredible, they're so huge!

  15. you spoiled yourself with some pretty things.  i look forward to seeing how you style them. :)

  16. Oh my goodness, girl! Seriously, you went a little bit crazy. lol But I can't wait to see what you do with it all! =)


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