Sneak Peek: More Forever21 & ASOS items!

08 Aug 12 - New F21 & Asos (1)
08 Aug 12 - New F21 & Asos (2)
{All items from Still available: Minnie Sweater  ; Gem Stone earrings }

Here is a quick look at some new items I bought from and!! Yeah, I know I know, I shop too much... it's so much fun though! 

08 Aug 12 - New F21 & Asos (3)
{All items from Still available: Pink hair extension, Purple hair extension, Book clutch, Hedgehog clutch, Snakeskin clutch}

Oh, and I got a free kitty with my purchase again... hehehe ;)

08 Aug 12 - New F21 & Asos (4)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh that red hat is fabulous.... and the pearl necklace, the butterfly earrings... great shopping Marie.

  2. Looks like great purchases! Can't wait to see how you style them!

  3. Like always beautiful, colorful and joyful! Love it!

    xoxo Dia.

  4. hahaha, loving how the cat is eyeing your goody's

  5. Your kitty says "NOM!" :)

  6. Hi! All this items match your style, the romantic.
    I like the book clutch and the necklaces.
    nice stuff!

  7. Nice things... my fav? the black studded clutch.... truly a piece of art! Love it
    Have a fashionalbe week doll!



  8. Very fine! I love all these bright colors, hats and necklaces.

  9. ADORE the book clutch and Mickey items! In a few days I'll be posting about my birthday party--it was Mickey Mouse themed! I figured you would appreciate that, fellow Disney lover. :)

  10. Oh me oh my, so many fun items!!~ I really like that gold and black studded clutch... it's so bold! Girl, you're really making me want to do some online shopping before the school year starts (which proooooobably doesn't need to happen seeing as how I have lots of things I still haven't worn)


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