My Boyfriend's Home

The Joy of Fashion (1)
Sunday August 5, 2012

Here you can get a glimpse of what my boyfriend's home looks like! It is filled with vintage looking pieces as well as historic paintings. It is quite beautifully decorated.

The Joy of Fashion (2)

I had the most wonderful day today with my boyfriend. In the afternoon, we had lunch at a cool Brazilian restaurant where waiters periodically bring you small cuts of different meats. I got to taste about 10-13 different types of meat, it was absolutely delicious!

The Joy of Fashion (3) The Joy of Fashion (4)
{Dress: Forever21  ;  Blazer: Anne Klein  ;  Hat:  ;  Shoes:  ;  Clutch:}

Later in the afternoon when we were resting at my boyfriend's home, my mother in law decided to play dress up with me. I tried on a bunch of her vintage pieces, including this cool tuxedo!

The Joy of Fashion (5)  

Hahaha, we had a blast making up outfits and poses. Sometimes it is quite fun to be like a kid and play dress up ;)

  The Joy of Fashion (6)

Here are some of the ways in which I've worn these oxford heels:
Oxford Heels Remix (1) Oxford Heels Remix (1)

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  1. hahaha awesome on playing dress up!! Such a great thing to get along with your boyfriends mom...and appreciate fashion fun too! you got a good thing going!

  2. LOVE this dress, as usual. His house looks awesome! I would totally play dress-up if I could wear something awesome like that tux. Looks like a lot of fun! Lucky girl!

    perfectly priya

  3. You look so adorable in a tuxedo! Your boyfriends home looks gorgeous- love the vintage touches. :) 

  4. gorgeous house <3 you look absolutely adorable! love your hair! that first outfit is too cute

    Alexa <3

  5. You are just way too cute in that hat. It sounds like you have such a wonderful relationship with your boyfriend and his family, that's so important! Glad you had a great day!

  6. Playing dress-up is ALWAYS fun!!!

  7. That tux is gorgeous ! 

  8. That's such a neat looking house!! I love houses that are decorated inside all vintage and historical like, kind of like a museum, but it's a house. :) heh. And oh goodness, those heels of yours are just too too cute. I can't believe I haven't noticed them before~ they're just so unique!!

  9. Your bf's house looks awesome and love the tux on you. so different.

  10. Marie, I love all the vintage decor and your beautiful shoes! Also, how cute are you in a tux!

  11. His house is nicely decorated, and I like those oxfords.


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