Hair Tutorial: The Twisty Updo

Twisty Updo - Part 1 Twisty Updo - Part 2 Twisty Updo - Part 3 Twisty Updo - Part 4

Hi guys!! Here you have my very first Hair Tutorial!! YIPPIE! I've been wanting to post tutorials and DIY's on my blog for sooooooo long. I'm overjoyed that I'm finally getting started.

For my first tutorial, I chose the carefree updo I wore to a wedding a couple of weeks ago. So many of you requested a tutorial, that I decided to give it a try! You can also try this hairdo as a half-do instead (I wear it like this all the time!). I hope you all like this tutorial and find it useful ;)

PS: Here's the tutorial all in one file in case you want to save it on your computer:

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  1. Sooooo cute I'm going to try this

  2. Your hair always looks so lovely, I was excited to see you show how to do one of your hairstyles! (And you made it look so easy to boot!)  Ill have to give this a try now, I love updos of any kind and the braids just make it even cuter! :)

  3. i tried it Marie! though my version looked a bit different. but i definitely love it!


  4. this was awesome! worked so well, even on the first try ... thank you!! :)

  5. THIS IS AMAZING!!!  i just tried it and it totally worked!!!!  if you can't get it the first time keep trying. :)

    thanks marie!

  6.  I'm so happy to hear that Angie!! Yai!!!

  7. Love this look! I even featured it on my blog, and linked back to you. Thanks for the tutorial!



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