Sisters and Best Friends

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When: Sunday June 10, 2012

Shoes: Pull & Bear (Europe)

Relaxed at our home in the mountainside

I had a very special weekend with my family in our home in the mountainside. It's so restful and peaceful there, completely surrounded by nature.

June 10 (10) June 10 (11)

I also went on a little adventure with my sister! We walked around, explored, and took lots and lots of pictures. 

June 10 (12) June 10 (13) June 10 (15)

Of course, my sisters doggie tagged along!

June 10 (14) June 10 (16)

We discovered that my sister is really good at taking pictures! She took all of the photos of this post, pretty talented huh? I am super impressed.
June 10 (17)

My sister and I have been spending a lot more time together the last two years, so we have become really close. I can honestly say that my sister is not just my sister, but also one of my best friends. It's wonderful to have someone to talk to that will listen and not judge you. 

June 10 (18)  

Thank you so much Annie for being who you are, I am soooo lucky to have you as a sister and friend!
June 10 (19)

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