Photo-bombing kitty style

June 09 (1) June 09 (2) June 09 (3) June 09 (4) June 09 (5) June 09 (6)

When: Saturday June 9, 2012

Top: Saks (Panama)
Skirt: Madison (Panama)
Shoes: El Titan (Panama)

Work half a day + Drove up to our home in El Valle (in Panama's mountainside)

Our new kitties have this bad habit of photo-bombing all of my outfit photos! (Its actually a good habit because they are adorable). 

June 09 (7)

Sometimes they do really strange things:

June 09 (9) 
June 09 (8)

Hahaha they sure make me laugh! I know I talk about them all the time, but they are just too adorable.

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