Have fun with it

May 25 (1) May 25 (2) May 25 (3) May 25 (4) May 25 (5) May 25 (6) May 25 (7) May 25 (8) May 25 (9)

When: Friday May 25, 2012 (daytime)

Dress: Present from my parents
Blazer: Saks (Panama)
Sneakers: Present from my boyfriend's parents

Work + Organized some projects for my blog, stay tuned :)

Usually when I take outfit photos, I try my best to use the best angles and poses that hide my imperfections and highlight my outfit. But today I decided to just have fun with it and do some funny poses:

May 25 (10) May 25 (11)

Sometimes its better to just be my natural silly self ;)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn these sneakers:
05 May 25

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  1. You look beautiful!!! Love your hair style, your dress and all your accessories! Great look!

  2. Love the layered necklaces, so cute!


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