Bogota Day 2: Salt Mines of Zipaquirá

May 19 (7)

The second day of our trip to Bogota was filled with adventure! We went to the famous Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. This is basically a Catholic church built within a salt mine 200 meters underground. Sounds pretty cool huh? Well, it was!

We went through so many underground tunnels that were covered in salt. If you touched the wall and liked your finger, it tasted like salt!

May 19 (2) May 19 (3)

Throughout the mines you can see different representations of each Station of the Cross. It was so interesting to see how they represented each station differently. Oh, and remember that everything (and I do mean everything) down there was made of salt! Talk about impressive.

May 19 (1) May 19 (5)

Some tunnels were so long and so deep you could barely see the bottom of them. I wouldn't want to fall into one of those!

May 19 (4)

At the end of the tunnel is a HUGE GINARMOUS GODZILLA-BIG room (ok, I'm exaggerating, but it IS pretty big). We were lucky enough that the day we went they had a concert of classic Mozart music playing. It was just surreal to listen to such beautiful music in such an inspiring place.

May 19 (6)

Apart from the huge room I mentioned above, there was also a dark room with a high ceiling covered with colorful lights. The room was flooded with an indigenous music and the lights on the ceiling would show shapes and designs. It was A-MA-ZING. I know it doesn't sound amazing, but it WAS amazing.

May 19 (9)

The last thing we saw in the mines was this really detailed tree made entirely out of salt. We weren't gonna take a picture with it, but Munkey insisted that he wanted a picture with the tree. That monkey can be so stubborn sometimes! haha

May 19 (8)

After the mines, we stopped for a bite to eat:

May 19 (10)

And later at night, a group of us went to an extremely famous Bar/Restaurant in Bogota called Andres Carne de Res. The decorations of the entire place were just outstanding!
May 19 (11)  

 We had A BLAST I tell you! They were all so much fun to be with and so welcoming. I really love that about Colombians, they are so respectful, kind, and inviting. Definitely a night to remember ;)
May 19 (12)

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  1. Wow! The salt mines look sooo amazing! I didnt know about that, it looks great in your pictures!!! Lol sounds like a very funny night in a cool place!


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