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Tuesday April 10, 2012

Denim top: Used to be my father's
Skirt: H&M (Europe)
Shoes: BMB (Panama)
Necklace & earrings: ? (Panama)
Sunglasses: H&M (U.S.A.)

Get the look:
Pair a patterned blue skirt with a denim top and a bright orange necklace!

Work + Movie date with my boyfriend (I haven't seen him for over a week, so I was so happy to see him today!)

A couple of days ago, my mom came up to me and presented me with this old denim shirt that used to be my father's. At first, I thought it was kind of weird for her to be giving me my father's shirt (I mean, it is a man's shirt and it is an XL), but once I tried it on I thought it was pretty cool for me to wear my father's shirt.
April 10 (9)

I always feel special when I'm wearing something that is linked somehow to a loved one. Today, for example, I felt like I carried my father with me all day. I daydreamed and wondered what my father did while wearing this shirt, like gardening or playing with me and my brother's when we were kids. It's funny how a simple old shirt can get me imagining such fun memories :)

Have you inherited clothes from your mom or dad? Or someone else in your family?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this skirt:
04 April 10

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  1. Is great how you mix many things and make everything look great!!! It's so cute that you use your fathers thirt! Btw your shoes are adorable!



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