Happy Birthday Dad!

Here is a quick look at the fun Friday me and my family had celebrating my father's birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!). We started off the fun day by going out to lunch! It was a beautiful sunny day with a wonderful view of the sea.

Dad's B-Day - April 20 (2)
Dad's B-Day - April 20 (5)

Then later at night, we had a restful family dinner at home:
Dad's B-Day - April 20 (18)

My mom bought these awesome Happy Birthday candles! Arent' they cute?!
Dad's B-Day - April 20 (25) 

After stuffing our faces with coconut cake, my father started opening his presents. We got him a new iPod and he was sooo happy!
Dad's B-Day - April 20 (36)

As usual, I had a wonderful time with my family. We are such a cheerful happy bunch, its nearly impossible to not have a blast when we are together.
Dad's B-Day - April 20 (39)

Once again, Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for being such a supportive and loving father :)

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