The benefits of having a photographer

March 30 (1)
March 30 (2)
March 30 (3)
March 30 (4)
March 30 (5)
March 30 (6)
March 30 (7)
March 30 (8)
March 30 (9)

When: Friday March 30, 2012

Dress: Zara (Panama)
Shoes: La Onda (Panama)
Heel covers: From this site (For the record, I don't agree with this company name)
Sunglasses: Via Vai (Panama)
Heart necklace: Forever 21 (U.S.A.)
Faux pearl necklace: Forever 21 (U.S.A.)
Other necklaces: ?

Get the look:
Pair your favorite LBD with some sexy black heels and lots of gold necklaces.

Work + Went bar hoping with friends at Casco Viejo (a historic area of Panama)

I felt so Audrey Hepburn in today's outfit! It's always easier to take my outfit pictures when I really love my outfit.
March 30 (10)

However, I came upon a little surprise when I loaded the pictures into my computer. It seems that I had dirt on my face somehow and took all of my pictures this way! I had to choose to post only the pictures where you can't see the dirt, but believe me, it's there. Sometimes I wish I had a photographer so that someone can tell me I have dirt on my face! hahaha.

Do you take your daily outfit pictures with a tripod or with a photographer?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this LBD:

03 March 30
03 March 30 (2)

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  1. That dress is amazing!!! And I love your lip color!

  2. Your shoes are super fun, your sunglasses remind me of Audrey Hepburn, so, it is appropriate that you felt like her, and the layering of jewelry is like the arm candy trend for your it! :)

  3. Sales preciosa en todas las fotos, acabo de llegar a tu blog a través de lookbook y me encantó tu blog, tienes un estilo divino y este outfit es demasiado clásico, elegante y femenino <3 ya te sigo!


  4. I mostely have a photographer but I sometimes shoot my photos with a tripod and self-timer too =) I enjoy a real photographer because they can move around more easily and I don't have to run back and forth the whole time either, haha. x

  5. luv this look !!! one of my favs thus far adorable hair and luv your accessories:)

  6. You look beautiful! I love the shoe covers - too bad for the unfortunate name of the company - what were they thinking!?! Love your dress and your winged eyeliner!

  7. Before I even saw what you had written, I thought, she looks so Audrey! This is seriously a gorgeous outfit.

    Thankfully, I have Dork to take my photos for me (and my mom on occasion), so it doesn't take much time to get outfit pictures. Once upon a time, I tried to prop my camera up on my grampa's trailer and photograph my outfit by myself. It took forever and the pictures were awful! I always assumed you had someone take your photos for you because they're always so good!

  8. marie, you really do resemble audrey!  this look is beyond wonderful. :)

  9. Oh no, not dirt! haha, well, at least you took some pictures where you can't see it. This outfit is  just smashing~ and it's so bold! I love all the necklaces you're wearing, and it looks so neat against all the black. Seriously, perfect outfit here. I want to try it so so bad!

    My mom and my tripod take my pictures. I set it for her and all she has to do is push the button haha. :) She does help lots with the shoe pictures, though! I could  probably take decent pictures on my own, but she helps so much!

  10. Such a classy outfit! Very Audrey. :) 
    My fiancee takes my pictures - that's why I don't do outfit posts often because we only have the weekend to do them but now its getting lighter later in the day so that's nice. :) 

  11. TOTALLY Audrey but with more flair and bling! :) Love your stacked necklaces. I always have my husband take my photos because I can't figure out the whole tripod thing at all. 

  12. great outfit, really love all your necklaces!

  13. I love the pile of necklaces. What a great idea! 

  14. Totally Audrey ! Nicely done :)
    Nope I take my own pictures sans tripod :( that's why they are not that good.

  15. Fabulous...those shoe covers are so cool.  Love the piles of jewels!!

  16. All your layers of necklaces are so beautiful, and your red lips really make this look feel so polished. I just love that rich color.


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