Fruit Salad

March 27 (1)
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March 27 (9)

When: Tuesday March 27, 2012

Dress: Present from my parents (U.S.A.)
Anne Klein heels: BMB (Panama)
Clutch: Via Vai (Panama)
Fruit earrings & ring: Felix B. Maduro (Panama)
Swatch watch: Swatch store (Panama)

Work + Movies with my boyfriend and his family

Today's outfit reminds me strongly of a fruit salad! Something about the colors and the print just makes me want to go eat an apple or something... haha.
March 27 (10)

This dress would go great with almost any colored shoe, but I decided to make a bold statement by pairing it with these floral heels. At first glance, the two prints look so similar that I just felt that they were made for each other.

These are all the ways in which I've worn these floral heels:
03 March 27

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  1. Omg!!!:O I love it! You look sooooo pretty! Your shoes are beautiful! The earrings and the ring are great and they give the perfect touch to your outfit :) i think that sometimes the colors that one selects for a day could change your mood and rhe mood of the people that are around you, and this colors are perfects for a happy and funny day!

  2. Love those citrus colors on you! You are the cutest little fruit salad ever!

  3. Love all the fun colors in this outfit! You look so cute :)

  4. Love this look! I love the mix of patterns with the dress and the shoes and I love the jewelry with it!

    Lindsey Turner

  5. me encaaanta el look tropical, combina hasta con tu pelo, like like like


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