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When: Tuesday February 7, 2012

Blue top: ? (Panama)
Light blue skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Pink wedges: Stevens (Panama)
Toad ring: From
Swan ring: From

Work + Helped my sister make a delicious 9 layer dip (also helped devour it of course)

Its official, it's Summer here in Panama! The sun is bright, the day is hot, and the photoshoots outdoors reign once again. As some of you probably know, Panama only has two seasons: Summer and Rainy season.
Feb 07 (10)
During the rainy season, I don't take as many pictures outside because the day is gray and the lighting is not the most flattering.But now that its officially summer here in Panama, I'm going to try my best to take more pictures outdoors!

Do you take most of your outfit pictures indoors or outdoors?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this light blue skirt:
012 Feb 07 (1)
012 Feb 07 (2)

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  1.  Aaaww, thanks Julie! You are so sweet!! Yeah, I always say that I am at my "happy" weight. I'm technically overweight according to the nutritionist, but it's the weight I feel comfortable at. I feel that I am not too fat nor too skinny. It's my happy weight! Hope you are doing well!

  2. Sounds a lot like hubby describes growing up in Malaysia. We have a loooooong hot dry summer here so I really need to use you for inspiration. 

  3. I like to take my photos outdoors, but on gray days, it seems to wash the color right out of the photos!  You look so pretty and summery. I think I could be very happy living in a climate like yours. =)  Gorgeous ring!

  4. love this look!  We only have two seasons in the Pacific NW too, summer and rainy. Glad you're getting to soak up the summer sun! 

  5. Love this outfit. The colors are so beautiful! Those shoes are adorable too! I feautured you over on my blog yesterday!


  6. 30 pounds overweight ? With all due respect, is the nutritionist crazy ? You look radiant and healthy right now !

  7. sooooo pretty! the hair, the skirt, the blouse, the shoes, the girl. happy summer!

  8. Yeah.... Your nutricionist is crazy! I am at nutrition college and you ARE NOT overweight!!!!!! And don't come up whith the clothes excuses! I saw you at the beach in the other post... ;)

    You are amazing....don't lose much weight.... Very tiny women are not pretty as you are...You look great just like this.

  9. Eeeee is that a frog ring? It's so cute!~ I really like that skirt of yours. It's so flowy and is very reminiscent of ocean waves. :D I hope you're enjoying the nice sunny first day of summer!

  10. that is a great skirt - love the color, and i'm jealous that its summer for you!

  11. Love your outfit! So glad to hear that my trip is going to coincide with your summer! It's been cold in San Francisco, so I'm looking forward to some nice weather. You have the best animal rings :)

  12. Cute pictures! This makes me excited for Florida! haha I will definitely be taking more outfit pictures too when I move. :)

  13. That pink and blue is sweet! So refreshing. I love it. 

  14. Love that colour! You look great :)

  15. So nice photos;)

  16. What a cute summery outfit! I LOVE those pink shoes - they are the perfect fit for this outfit :)

  17. I wish it was summer here although I'm not sure I (or my hair) would love a season entirely composed of rain... That outfit is perfect though, I'm gathering inspiration for when it warms up in NYC!


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