Green with envy

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When: Thursday February 9, 2012

Blue top: El Costo (Panama)
Floral skirt: El Costo (Panama)
Gold belt: ? (Panama)
Beige heels: Via Vai (Panama)
Beige clutch: From
Necklace and earring set: From this seller on

Work + Dinner with one of my best friends (girlie time!)

Before I started blogging, the only nail polish colors I would even consider wearing were natural colors, red, or pink. Anything beyond that was way too out of my comfort zone. Lately I have seen so many bloggers rocking wild nail colors like neon yellow, turquoise blue, or even leopard print! I decided to give a bolder nail polish a try and bought this bright green color:
Feb 09 (7)
I'll be honest, when I first finished applying the nail polish, I instantly hated it. I wanted to immediately wipe it off. But I decided to give it a little more time and see if it grew on me... and it did! I actually really enjoyed this bright green nail polish. I love how bold it is. It makes me wonder what other bold colors I should try ;)

What is the boldest nail polish color you have worn? Or are you a more natural gal?

Oh, and P.S., this is how I have been working these days:
Feb 09 (8)
Feb 09 (9)
Yup, been working with our tiny kitten sleeping in my hand. Sorry for posting so many pictures of him, but he is just too darn cute!

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral skirt:
012 Feb 09

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  1. I used to be a neutral or maroon nail polish person but, now I'll try anything! I love the Sally Hansen nail strips :)

  2. Este outfit me encanta! Q lindo le combinan las prendas en dorado con amarillo y estan super lindas! Las formas en q haz usado la falda me gustan mucho, en especial con el polo, no se me habia ocurrido esa combinación y me parece super!!! No creo q a sammy le guste tanto la idea de que el gatin le este robando la atencion! Jaja oh! Se me olvidaba, q lindo ese color de esmalte, yo soy super miedosa para variar los colores mas alla de rosados y rojos... Lo más que he usado es fucsia escarchado, hace meses quiero pintaelas azul a ver q tal pero no he tenido oportunidad

  3.  Hahahaha Dianin, eres TAAAN cute! En vd mil gracias por ser tan atenta con mu blog! TQ! Hahaha si, Sammy se siente negreado. Ooohh, esmalte azul te deberia quedar super  cool mami!! Hazlo! MISS U!

  4. I loved your hair like that, it is very flattering to your face! I also love the nude shoes, and the nude 'bag" (i know it is not really a bag, right? But i dont know how it is in english, hahahah).

    And, of course, amazing outfit!! But i need to me honest and admit that the cat caught all my attention!!!!!!! He is so so so small, and so cute!

  5. Cute outfit! Love the skirt  and handbag :)

  6. Fab nail polish Marie. I love the print of that skirt and another gorgeous necklace. LOVE!

  7. I love this skirt, Marie! And I like your nail polish, I'm glad you stuck with it! I, too, used to just like safe, basic colors, but the past few years have branched out! It's a simple way to be a little daring! I have silver, teal blue, metallic gold...but my favorite is one that is a mix of blue and purple. Depending on how the light hits it, it looks different. Just beautiful! Thanks for all the inspiration you give, I love how you dress and hope to be just like you when I grow up (even though I know I am much older than you! :D

  8. I love the skirt, the accessories, and those nude shoes and clutch! You always color coordinate so well Marie. You look very pretty in this outfit! :D

  9. What a gorgeous look! Love that cobalt top!

  10. Awesome nude heels;)

  11. Hello Jilma! Primero que todo, en verdad mil gracias por leer mi blog y comentar, lo aprecio muchisimo. Hahaha, tu comment me hizo sonreir mucho! En verdad, al principio deje de postear the "Choice of the Week" porque sinceramente se me olvidaba postearlo y no me acordaba hasta medio semana tarde. Mil gracias por recordarmelo! Acabo de postear la de esta semana.

    Una vez mas, mil gracias por tu apoyo, espero que estes muy bien!

  12. i like your simple makeup | يعجبني مكياجك البسيط !

  13. The boldest nail polish color i have worn is probably yellow, bright yellow.
    Followed by animal print, blue, black and white stripes and fuchsia. Before i only had my nails done in light colors like you but now.... the sky is the limit !

  14. awww, you kitten melts my heat!!

    Love your bold nail color, glad you decided to give it a chance.


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