The Beggining of Carnival Vacations!

Feb 18 (1)
Feb 18 (2)
Feb 18 (3)
Feb 18 (4)
Feb 18 (5)

When: Saturday February 18, 2012

Floral maxi dress: TJ Maxx (U.S.A.) (Similar Here)
Orange top: ? (Panama) (Similar Here)
Brown belt: Zara (Panama) (Similar Here)
Bracelets: Via Vai (Panama) (Similar Here)

Work half a day + Drove up to the beach with my boyfriend and his family!

As some of you might know, Panama celebrates Carnivals every year. The whole country has several days off from work and they use that time to either rest or party. The "typical" Panamanian carnivals involves a lot of partying, drinking, dancing, and getting wet with water. I'm too lazy for that kind of celebration, so I usually go to the beach or to the mountainside to just relax.
Feb 18 (6)
This year I am spending Carnivals with my boyfriend and his family at their beach house. I'm super excited to just rest and have a good time :)

Does your country celebrate Carnivals? If not, have you ever traveled to a country during their Carnival season?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this orange top:
02 Feb 18 (1)
02 Feb 18 (2)

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  1. Yes, Brazil is HTE carnival country!!!!!!! We used to say that the year don't begin before carnival here (not true, people work before carnival)... But we sotp a whole week for carnival...
    (and some people work all year long preparing carnivals partys)

    - Love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh pretty! I love how you have a long skirt and a longer shirt but still manage to not look like one blob of long-li-ness. 
    I've been hearing about these carnival vacations.. they're interesting and you're so lucky to have them! 

  3. Love your outfit! The blue and orange combo is fun and fresh. My husband and I just flew back from Panama City today and had the chance to check out Carnaval on Saturday night. It was a bit crazy, and the woman behind the desk at our hotel was very concerned that we would be pickpocketed, but we stayed safe and had a great time. It was definitely crazy, but we didn't want to miss the opportunity to see such a huge celebration. Have a great time at the beach :)

  4. I love your skirt and bracelets! Gorgeous outfit. :)

  5.  Hey there Kim! Hahahaha, yeah Crazy is definitely a word to describe Carnivals here in Panama. That's why I don't really like celebrating it, it's too wild for me. I can completely understand if you felt uncomfortable wherever it is you went, so don't feel bad about it if you did (I feel super uncomfortable and I'm a local!). I hope you had a great time nonetheless here in Panama while you were at the beach and the mountainside!

  6. Gorgeous color combinations Dear

  7. Love this outfit and your matching nails! We definitely DO NOT have a carnival week in the USA, but we sure need one!

  8. What a fun outfit! I love the way yo show different ways to style a piece of clothing in the end of your posts!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!
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