A little lonely

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When: Monday January 16, 2012

Collar shirt: Ralph Lauren Outlet (U.S.A.)
Orange pants: Madison (Panama)
Brown belt: Madison (Panama)
Beige heels: eBay.com
Bracelets: Pasarela (Panama)
Clutch: From Asos.com

Work + Rested at home

To be completely and utterly honest, I felt kind of lonely today. My brother Mike traveled back to Europe on Saturday, my brother Daniel moved out of my parents house yesterday (meaning that I am the last "kid" living at my parents place), and my boyfriend traveled to Colombia today to do some business. Its funny how life sometimes throws a whole lot of changes at the same time!

It's weird and kind of sad to have a brother living on a completely different continent than you. It's also weird to be the only kid still living at home (I don't feel bad about it or anything, I just miss having everyone else around). It's also weird that in the midst of all of these changes, my boyfriend unexpectedly had to travel to Colombia for the week.
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Don't worry though, I'm perfectly fine. I still have my parents living at home with me and I really enjoy their company. I also plan on seeing my friends this week while my boyfriend is out of the country. My boyfriend will be back by the end of the week, I can't wait!

Sorry if this post isn't as cheerful and fun as I usually write; but I thought it would be nice to be honest with all of you on how I am feeling today. Just so you see I'm human and have sad days too.

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this collar shirt:
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  1. Nice outfit- love the red pants! :)

  2. I love your orange pants and stripey shirt! So pretty together. Everyone has those days. You'll be ok. :)

  3. we know it's not always sunshine & rainbows. sometimes it grey skies. loving the gold shadow.

  4. I know that feeling and its nice to see you also express such feelings. I sometimes wonder how can this girl be always to cheerfull - is life really that good? But now i know its your optimistic personality that makes you cheery though you also face lonely days and setbacks once in a while.
    Awesome outfit. I recently bought red pants, and want to copy this look =)


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