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When: Tuesday January 10, 2012

White collar shirt: Conway (Panama)
Navy blazer: Forever 21 (U.S.A.)
Black pencil skirt: Target (U.S.A.)
Purple tie: Via Vai (Panama)
Purple heels: Stevens (Panama)
Black Xoxo purse: Borrowed from my mom

Work + Dinner with my Grandmother and family

I would say that my style is very feminine and girly girl; but I've been wanting to try the men's-tie look for a while now! I really like how preppy the purple tie looks!
Jan 10 (5)
I still wanted to look feminine and not too boy-ish, so I added the curve hugging pencil skirt. I felt so smart and ready for business in this outfit! A great way to come back to work after a week and a half of vacations.

Have you ever worn a tie? What are your tips on how to wear them?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this black pencil skirt:
01 Jan 10

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  1. that is a really cute navy blazer, marie!  i really love this look, i wish i could pull something like it off!  i think you executed this menswear look perfectly.

  2. I like the tie. I've never worn a tie, mostly because I don't want to steal the ones my husband wears to work.

  3. i like the look on you. it't the details on that jacket that i think make it exceptional. i wore a tie in my 6th grade class picture. 

  4. The outfit looks great on you! I would never try a tie myself- not my style LOL

  5. I think you pulled off this tie perfectly! You look adorable :)
     I used to wear ties as belts when I was in high school but they were definitely not this chic.

  6. I have wanted to pull the bowtie and/or tie trend for a while... but have not dared to.
    I really like how yours turned out.

  7. Sexy sexy sexy sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect make up! And perfect body ;)


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