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When: Wednesday December 7, 2011

Black dress: Zara (Panama)
Black belt: ? (Panama)
Scarf: Madison (Panama)
Pink wedges: Stevens (Panama)
Black clutch: Felix B. Maduro (Panama)
Tous Bracelet: Present from my sister (Thanks Annie!)

Work + Movie date with my boyfriend :)

Today I went with my classic black, white, and POP color combo! It's easy and it always works... need I say more?
Dec 07 (6)

I don't know if everyone that has pets feels the same way I do, but I feel that my cats remain cute even when they get bigger. Yes, I agree, kittens are DEFINITELY the cutest thing ever, but it's not as if they are ugly and boring as they get older either...
Dec 07 (7)

My cats always make me smile. I feel especially attached to the above cat called Maxi. You probably recognize him since he makes constant appearances in my daily outfit pictures... He is soooo cute even now that he is bigger :)
Dec 07 (8)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this black dress:
12 Dec 07

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  1. Maxi is adorable :)  Kitties are the best, big or small :)  Love your LBD and the scarf. Super cute.

  2. The pink shoes look really nice with that black dress.

  3. That black dress is adorable and those shoes are just soooo sweet! Impeccable!

  4. hi beautiful! u look fab! do u want to follow each other? (: 

    xx from


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