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When: Friday December 2nd, 2011

Dress: Present from my parents (Europe)
Brown belt: Zara (Panama)
Brown clutch: Via Vai (Panama)
Red wedges: ? (Panama)

Work + Rented a DVD and watched with my boyfriend while we enjoyed some chocolate milk! (Too hot for hot chocolate... hehe)

I'm loving all the colors of today's outfit! But today's outfit has something even more special:
Dec 02 (5)

What? You don't see anything special in that picture?... Ok, take another look and this time look closely:
Dec 02 (6)
Dec 02 (7)

YES! That's right!! My necklace is made of paper clips!!! Hahahaha (cue evil laugh) I had you all fooled into thinking this was a store bought necklace!! Hahaha (Still cue evil laugh).

Ok, being serious now, isn't this necklace cool!? I'm so proud of it! It was so easy to make too... I'll be posting a tutorial next week in case any of you are interested in making one :)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this dress:
12 Dec 02

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  1. you completely fooled me. even when i looked closely i didn't know it was paper clips until i read the description.

  2. You look stunning! Great look and necklace. I didn´t know they were paper clips! Have a lovely week. <3<3


  3. Cool necklace! Love the dress and your hair too.

  4. HAHA! That's awesome! MY sister wore paperclip necklaces for a year in high school and we mocked her. Maybe we were wrong!!

  5. Your necklace is too awesome -- I love how it complements your pretty dress. Too pretty!

  6. Adorable dress. I like how you braided your hair. Be glad when mine is long enough to do that.

  7. the paperclip necklaces are sooooo awesome! You are just too much fun, Marie! And your dress is so sweet. I love the stripes in the different colors!

  8. This dress is fantastic! I used to wear a paperclip necklace in highschool (because I was SO punk rock). But it certainly didn't look this chic. It's so cute with your dress too!

  9. That dress is REALLY cute.  And I totally couldn't even tell that the necklace was made out of paperclips until the very LAST close-up picture!  Great idea!

  10. What a neat idea for a necklace!! How cute! Love your hair! ~ Michelle

  11. I like the necklace, and the bright colors of the dress are pretty.

  12. Cute outfit! Love the dress- very colorful. The necklace fits perfectly too- looking forward to the tutorial! :)

  13. A paperclip necklace?!?!  No way!!!  That's too cute!  We can't wait for the tutorial.  :)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  14. You look so blooming in this printed dress, suit you best. I love it!

  15. Me encanta el vestido! Muy Marc by Marc Jacobs ss 2011!! 
    Y el collar, genial!! con ganas de ver el tutorial!!
    Un beso!!

  16. I love that striped dress! And your side braid is super cute!

  17. so creative!  i love how it matches all of the colors in your dress.  how fun!

  18. Hello Nav!! Thanks for the sweet comment, that's so nice of you!

    To answer your question, actually it is indeed very comfortable to wear! It didn't get tangled with my clothes or anything. I admit it got just a tiny bit tangled with the hair in the back of my neck, but it took me less than 30 seconds to untangle it. It was more caught in the clip than tangled per se.

    Hope that answers your question and thanks for the support! Have a wonderful day :)

  19. totally awesome! love all that color.



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