I'm simply colorful

Nov 23 (1)
Nov 23 (5)
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When: Wednesday November 23, 2011

Purple dress: Target (U.S.A.)
Plaid top: Target (U.S.A.)
Brown belt: Madison (Panama)
Beige pumps: eBay.com
Beige clutch: Present from my boyfriend's family (From this designer)
Betsey Johnson monkey ring: eBay.com
Amber earrings: Fire & Ice (U.S.A.)

Work + Looked through my closet and tried to make outfits with items I never wear :)

I'm sure most of you have already noticed that I enjoy wearing very colorful outfits. When I wear black and white outfits, I feel very classy and chic; but when I wear colorful outfits, I feel more "me". Something about the bright colors just seems so happy and fun!
Nov 23 (6)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this plaid top:
11 Nov 23

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  1. That monkey ring is so fun!! Love how you styled the purple jumper!!

  2. Your dress is gorgeous, I love its gorgeous colour <3

  3. I adore these colors. They look fabulous together! What a super outfit.


  4. The purple dress looks really nice.

  5. This look made it into my "fashion inspiration" folder.  I love these vibrant colors.  

  6. LOVE this combo, & your ring. The purple dress keeps you looking fun & fresh without being 'Crazy'.

  7. Love all the colours in your outfit  :) You look fabulous!
    Great blog :)

  8. i would never imagined those 2 pieces would look nice when paired. But they do ! So creative of you to pair those.

  9. Nice post, I like it so much! And I like
    your sense of style!!


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  10. Hello Marie, I'm Dotthy :)
    'I just found that you've introduced me in your post!
    It is sooooo glad that you like it!! it means a lot me to me !
    And I just wanna tell you that, I start English blogging already :p 
    (although my English is not good... T T~~)
    btw, thank you and it would be great if you visit my new blog :)!


  11. I love your mix of bright colors! This outfit is definitely very "you!"

  12. Great outfit! I love the dress and ring. Have a lovely day. <3<3


  13. What a beautiful color combination! I love how the color offsets your porcelain skin. You also do your makeup quite well - I'm a big fan of your lip routine. BTW, what did you use on your lips?

    The ring is very cute, do you by any chance have the seller name saved?

  14. I love the color combination! That's very creative of you to layer a dress shirt underneath the dress - I've seen it done with tees before, but never with collared shirts. The purple sheath dress is really pretty - I can't believe it's from Target. It looks much more expensive :)

  15. I really love all of your bright outfits!! Like you said, they're so cheery!

  16. what a beautiful and bold outfit! GREAT.

  17. i love colorful outfits like this too, that dress is fantastic & i love the collared shirt underneath it!

  18. Hello Anna!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments and words, I really appreciate them! To answer your questions, I usually use a bright red (Brand MAC) or bright pink (Brand Wendy) lipstick and then add a layer of clear gloss on top. It's a pretty simple routine :)

    In terms of the monkey ring seller, here it is: http://myworld.ebay.com/gavinxiong2010/

    I took a quick look and saw that this vendor is no longer selling this ring. I took a quick look around ebay, and if you are interested in this ring, there is a  someone who is selling it at $7.99: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Betsey-Johnson-Cute-Crystal-Monkey-Ring-174-/160690833048?pt=Designer_Jewelry&hash=item2569eb8698

    Once again, thank you so much for your support!! Your kind words make me smile :)


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