DIY: Gumball machine birthday card

10 Oct 01 - Candyland card craft (1)
As I told you all yesterday, I attended a Candyland inspired birthday party this weekend! So, going along with the theme, I made this gumball machine birthday card for the birthday girl. Basically, she would turn the switch, and each "gumball" is a paper congratulating her for her birthday, thanking her for her friendship, or some other cute birthday message.

This is a craft that any of you can pull off! It would be cute to fill the gumball machine with "Reasons why I love you" for your boyfriend/girlfriend; or "Thank you's" for your parents or friends.

Craft: Gumball Machine birthday card

Source: Invented by myself!

10 Oct 01 - Candyland card craft (2)

For this craft, all you will need is:
  1. Bright colored paper.
  2. A toy gumball machine (You can find this in most party or toy stores. I got mine for $3.00 at GDP in Panama)
  3. Scissors

Here are the steps to completing this craft:

1. Print messages: The first step is to write on a Microsoft Word document several cute messages for whoever you are making this craft for. Make sure to leave a fair amount of space between each message. Then print the messages out on several bright colored papers.
10 Oct 01 - Candyland card craft (3)

2. Test the gumball machine: Before you start cutting up your messages, make sure you "test" the gumball machine. Cut a rectangle of white paper (to not waste the colored paper), scrunch into a ball, and then pass it through the gumball machine. Check to see if it gets stuck or not. If it goes through perfectly, than un-crunch this white piece of paper, and use it as a guide on how big each piece of paper with a message should be.
10 Oct 01 - Candyland card craft (4)

3. Fill up the gumball machine: Using the white paper from the previous step as a guide, cut out all of the sweet messages. Crunch them all up into little balls and fill up your gumball machine.
10 Oct 01 - Candyland card craft (5)

Voila, all done!

If you want to continue with the Candyland theme, you can wrap your presents like I did! I put each of her presents in a bright colored gift bag. I decorated the outside of one of the bags with small candies taped all over the bag.
10 Oct 01 - Candyland card craft (6)

I also included a chocolate bar in one of her bags (which I wrapped and decorated to make it look more special). Last but not least, I filled all the bags with bright colored paper balls. I love how she had to "dig" in the bags to find her presents!
10 Oct 01 - Candyland card craft (7)
10 Oct 01 - Candyland card craft (8)

Hope you all enjoyed this Candyland inspired DIY!

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