Thanks for the suggestions guys!

Sept 21 (1)
Sept 21 (2)
Sept 21 (3)
Sept 21 (4)
Sept 21 (6)
Today is the 20th day of my I Heart Shoes challenge! Today I went with my go-to black sequin pumps. I absolutely LOVE these shoes!

When: Wednesday September 21, 2011

White collar shirt: ? (Panama)
Black pencil skirt: Target (U.S.A.)
Black belt: Madison (Panama)
Grey jacket: H&M (U.S.A.)
Black sequin heels: Zara (Panama)
Red Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx (U.S.A.)

Work + Relaxed at home watching TV Series

Today's outfit was inspired by... all of you! Do you all remember the first time I wore this grey jacket (click HERE to see)? Well, I asked all of you for suggestions on how to wear this gray jacket. Most of you suggested trying it with a black pencil skirt, so that's exactly what I did today!
Sept 21 (5)
I absolutely LOVE how it looks with the pencil skirt, you guys have great suggestions! So if you like today's outfit, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back... it's all thanks to you!

To finish this professional look off, I tried to do a sophisticated french twist with my hair.
Sept 21 (7)
It turned out sorda messy, but at least it stayed up all day! (Most of the time it falls apart in the middle of the day)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this gray jacket:
09 Sept 21

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  1. Looooove this outfit! And you have an amazing blog!

  2. ¡ Me encanta !
    This is a fabulous outfit .... that skirt and jacket were made for each other.

  3. Wow this is so chic and elegant! love it. x

  4. Hahahaha, thanks Julie!! Your comment of Marie-way-of-adding-colors really made me smile :)


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