Pile on the necklaces... The more the merrier

July 09 (1)
July 09 (2)
July 09 (3)
July 09 (4)

When: Saturday July 09, 2011

Patterned dress: Forever XXI
Blue Cardi: ? (Panama)
Brown wedges: Payless Shoe Source
Brown Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx
Pearl and gold chain necklace: Forever XXI
Letter M necklace: Present from my childhood
Key necklace: Used to be my mothers.
Hoop necklace and earrings: ? (Panama)

Work half a day + Lunch with my boyfriend and his family + relaxed at home with my parents at night.

I have always admired how some bloggers such as Atlantic-Pacific and Style Pantry always pile on more and more accessories and yet always look so chic! They really inspired me to pile on all sorts of necklaces today... and you know what? I absolutely LOVE how it looks!!
July 09 (5)
Now I just want to wear all these necklaces all the time! It makes the entire outfit (which looked pretty blaah to begin with) so much more chic and special. Such an easy way to give pizzaz to a simple outfit. So now you know: Sometimes, when it comes to accessories, the more the merrier!

Do you ever pile on necklaces or bracelets or do you prefer wearing one piece at a time?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this dress:
07 July 09

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