A Happy Monkey birthday to my boyfriend

July 27 (1)
July 27 (2)
July 27 (3)
July 27 (4)
July 27 (6)

When: Wednesday July 27, 2011

Black maxi skirt: Zara
Striped Ralph Lauren Polo: Ralph Lauren Outlet
Black belt: ? (Panama)
Sequin pumps: Zara
Red purse: Borrowed from my mom
Panda ring: From this seller on eBay

Celebrated my boyfriend's 23rd birthday!

Today we celebrated my boyfriend Alejandro's 23rd birthday! I threw him a small surprise party at my home (just him and my family) with cupcakes, balloons, presents, and other goodies. He was so surprised and happy!
July 27 (7)

Instead of a cake, I made him some delicious vanilla cupcakes with chocolate Nutella in the center (um... YUM!). They were super yummy (In fact, we already ran out... haha).
July 27 (8)

I also made sure to decorate everything with monkeys! (For all you new readers, my boyfriend and I call each other monkeys). I even made paper hats for all my monkey dolls (yeah, I'm childish like that) and I got him some monkey pajamas... haha. We had a blast!
July 27 (9)

Here are all the ways in which I've worn these black sequin pumps:
07 July 27

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