Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

May 02 (7)May 03 (6)
May 04 (9)May 05 (9)
May 06 (8)May 07 (9)
May 08 (12)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. Cool at night and Hot during the day
2. Sometimes I dress professional
3. Polka dots and Pattern Mixing
4. My hair al Natural
5. I must have been REALLY tired
6. My Go-to Hat!
7. Hello?! Excuse me, I'm cleaning myself here!
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Last week's winner was...

a tie between:
April 28 (1)
"Nothing fits in there!"


April 30 (1)
"Wearing tights in Panama"

Thanks everyone :)

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  1. you look so adorable in 4. This look makes me think of Carey Bradshaw!


  2. I love number five! You look fabulous in all of them, though!


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