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May 05 (1)
May 05 (2)
May 05 (3)
May 05 (4)
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May 05 (6)

When: Thursday May 05, 2011

Green collar shirt: Conway (Panama)
Liz Claiborne floral skirt: BMB (Panama)
Brown belt: Forever XXI
Beige pumps:
Clutch: Present from my boyfriend's family (From this designer)
Floral brooch: Madison (Panama)

Work + Watched a movie with my boyfriend.

I almost never (and when I say almost never, I really mean never) wear my hair down without any accessories, or bobby pins, or any styling whatsoever. Today I decided to go against that rule! So today you can take a look at what my hair looks like without any type of styling or hairdo.
May 05 (7)

This picture was actually inspired by a picture I took when I was modeling several years ago:
May 05 (8)
It's hard to believe that's me right?! It has been so long! I used to dye my hair blond back then. Now I dye my hair a brownish red color (that's right, this isn't my natural hair color). My real hair color is dark brown. Who would have thought it huh?

Do you wear your hair down without any styling or do you prefer doing hairdos everyday?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this green collar shirt:
05 May 05

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  1. You used to be a model? that is so awesome. You look fantastic on that cover!

    I think your hair is pretty just as it is, but i know how hard it is to not style - we get so convinced that our hair wont look good unless we've spent an hour on it.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I didn't know you use to model! You look gorgeous on that cover. You are one of the few people that can pull off many different hair colors.
    My hair is slick straight, I am jealous you have some natural wave! lol :)

  3. I usually wear my hair down without much styling. =] Your hair looks amazing!

  4. You are real good a different poses. I really like your first picture, not only because of your hair lose, but your eyes loooking down. Looks very different and ladylike. jgm

  5. I absolutely adore your hair! It is gorgeous!!!

  6. Ah! Love your hair like this with the soft waves. I put mine up because it's hot, or i'm running, and mostly to wear it down I have to do something - which sometimes takes too much time with a 5 year old. Love the model photo too!

  7. lovely outfit... perfect for spring..

  8. Your hair is so pretty! I have so much trouble not pinning back the front of my hair or wearing a headband--I hate my hair getting in my face! However, I don't ever really "style" it. Just run my fingers through, pull it back, and voila! I like getting an extra 15 minutes of sleep more than I like having super cute hair. ;)

  9. Your hair is beautiful! And I really like it blonde, too. :) I generally wear my hair... in whichever way is fastest and easiest to make it look presentable. No product, either pinned up or let fall where it dries.

    I want that skirt.


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