My cat was born to model

May 15 (1)
May 15 (2)
May 15 (3)
May 15 (4)
May 15 (5)
May 15 (6)May 15 (7)

When: Sunday May 15, 2011

Pink skirt: Zara (Panama)
Ice cream cone tee: Madison in Panama (Originally from Forever XXI)
Brown belt: Zara (Panama)
Turquoise wedges: Estampa (Panama)
Purse: Borrowed from my mom
Ring: Booth in Multiplaza mall (Panama)

Shopping with my mom + Watched Fast & Furious 5 with my boyfriend.

As I have mentioned several times before, I have a very friendly cat that LOVES to accompany me every morning as I take my daily outfit pictures. He never misses a single day! Many times, he even appears in the photos... I think he wants to be a model!
May 15 (8)

Today he let me take my ring's close up pictures with him in the background. He even cooperated by looking at the camera and standing still. In the end, he even let me take pictures with the ring on top of him... haha:
May 15 (9)

My cat is just too sweet!

Do you ever take your daily outfit pictures with one of your pets?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this ice cream cone tee:
05 May 15

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  1. Such a cute tee! Nice relaxed type outfit. :)

  2. I love this outfit SO much. I would steal it from you if I could.

  3. I love the kitty pictures! :)

    Those blue shoes are fantastic with that outfit!

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