Hello! Excuse me, I'm cleaning myself here!

May 08 (1)
May 08 (2)
May 08 (3)
May 08 (4)
May 08 (5)

When: Sunday May 08, 2011

Block dress: Christmas present from my parents
White skirt: Christmas present from my parents
Black belt: El Costo (Panama)
Blue wedges: Estampa (Panama)
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx

Baked my mom something special for Mother's day + Went to a Porsche car event with my family + Ate pizza and watched a funny DVD movie with my family.

First and foremost, I want to say Happy Mother's day to everyone!! I especially want to thank my mother for being the kindest, most loving, and most thoughtful mother I could have ever wished for. I look up to her in so many ways and I am just so grateful for everything she does for us. Thank you mamita, I love you!
May 08 (11)

Today I actually did a not-so-mother's-day activity which was attending a Porsche event organized by my boyfriend and his family. As I have mentioned before, my boyfriend really loooooves cars (Porsche in particular). My family and I had a wonderful time looking at all the zootie cars and talking to some really nice people. Plus, there was a delicious BBQ...Family? Food? What's not to love?
May 08 (10)

As I took my outfit pictures today, something really funny happened! As I have mentioned before, I have a cat that really loves to join me throughout my photo sessions every morning. Today my cat first decided that he was going to lie right in the middle of my photo-shoot area and then he decided to clean himself to boot.

The funny thing is that he cleaned himself in a sorda inappropriate position! I can't be taking outfit pictures with my cat cleaning himself like this! I thought it was sooooooo funny. I was just cracking up at his lack of shame!
May 08 (7)
May 08 (8)
May 08 (9)

As I laughed out loud at him, my cat would just look back at me with this face as if I was interrupting HIS activities!!
May 08 (6)
His look is like: "Hello! Excuse me, I'm cleaning myself here! Why don't you go take your pictures somewhere else!"... hahaha...I know it seems silly, but it really made my day... he is such a funny kitty.

Here are all the ways in which I've worn these turquoise wedges:
05 May 08

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  1. Cute outfit! So great that you and your mother is close. :)

  2. I fully believe that cats can make anyone's day better. :)

    You look adorable, I love how you added the white to lengthen the skirt. Glad you had a good day!

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