Special Treats: Banana Nutella Cupcakes!

03 March 09 - Banana Nutella Cupcakes (1)

Do you remember me making some INSANELY DELICIOUS vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate Nutella center the other day? Well, today I decided to make yet another set of cupcakes featuring the delicious flavor of Nutella!

Today I made Banana and Nutella cupcakes! I got the recipe from a blog called Jane's Sweets & Baking Journal. You can find this specific recipe here.

These cupcakes mix the chocolaty flavor of Nutella (I used a different brand, but it was just as delicious) with the flavor of sweet ripe bananas. It's like chocolaty banana bread cupcakes!
03 March 09 - Banana Nutella Cupcakes (2)

I made the cupcakes exactly as the recipe said with the exception that I didn't include any hazelnuts because my boyfriend and his family don't like them. I mixed both ripe bananas and the Nutella in the batter itself... the batter was delicious! (Yes, I ate some un-baked batter... who doesn't?!)

The recipe also advised to add a dab of Nutella on top of the cupcakes before baking them...
03 March 09 - Banana Nutella Cupcakes (4)
03 March 09 - Banana Nutella Cupcakes (5)

I'm SO glad I followed that advise because the cupcakes turned out with gooey chocolate Nutella on top of it's crusty borders... Yum!
03 March 09 - Banana Nutella Cupcakes (6)

The cupcakes turned out delicious! My only complaint was that they turned out a little too gooey for my taste... but the flavor was delicious! I am no expert, but I would give these cupcakes a 7 out of 10 (flavor was awesome but just a tad too gooey... but that was probably my own fault rather than the recipe itself)
03 March 09 - Banana Nutella Cupcakes (7)

One of the best things about baking something with bananas is that the entire kitchen smells DELICIOUS! I love the smell of fresh banana bread (or banana Nutella cupcakes in this case).
03 March 09 - Banana Nutella Cupcakes (8)

Although they were a little too gooey for my taste, other people thought they were PERFECT! My dad, for example, rated them a 9 out of 10! He was just delighted with them!
03 March 09 - Banana Nutella Cupcakes (9)

All in all, very very tasty cupcakes :)

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  1. I'm sure they tasted really great, I wish I was more of a wiz in the kitchen:)


  2. Marie, your cupcakes look devine... but I have to say, you look fantastic in this post. HOW do you do your make up everyday?? Do you just have good skin or do you apply your make up really well? Can you please PLEASE do a post on your make up. PLEASSSEEEE. I love your make up. Your skin looks flawless.. it's so great. I'm of Indian descent so obviously I won't be using the same make up shades/clolours you use but I'm really curious to know how you apply your make up in the morning. Please let us all know. I'm sure I'm not the only who thinks your make up looks great! I wasnt even looking at the cupcakes in this post... i was looking at your face. Sorry if i sound like a creepy lesbian stalker but I'm not, I promise!

  3. I should try this! A Brazilian friend introduced me to Nutella a few months ago and I love it!

    xo, natasha

  4. I'm with Anonymous - you look so beautiful in this post. I ADORE that shade of eyeshadow. Please, what is it?


  5. Thank you SO much for all the sweet comments everyone!!! I am so flattered that you liked my makeup, you have made me feel so happy!!

    I'll make sure to do a makeup tutorial soon. The eyeshadow I'm wearing here is from MAC.

    Thanks again everyone!


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