I value my family

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When: Wednesday March 30, 2011

White tee: Saks (Panama)
Red Skirt: ? (Panama)
Caramel belt: Forever XXI
Beige pumps: eBay
Aqua Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx
Necklace & earring set: Present from my grandmother

Work, exercise, and watched a movie called Spirited Away with my family.

You know something? I love spending time with my family. I am SO lucky to have a wonderful family in which we all get along great! I love how each of us is very different but we still have a wonderful time together.
March 30 (8)
I value my family so much, that I really put a great effort into spending time with them often. Today, for example, I organized a family movie night to watch a movie called Spirited Away. It was great to be doing something all together!

Do you spend much time with your family?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this red skirt:
03 March 30

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  1. this skirt is so lovely and i love how you paired it with turquoise accessories. :)

    cute & little

  2. What a fabulous skirt and color combo - one of my favorites!!

  3. lovely combo !
    you have such pretty eyes !

  4. Love all of the colors in this outfit! You look beautiful
    xo Cara

  5. That skirt is gorgeous! I love red and turquoise together!

  6. I also value family. LOVe your belt btw.

  7. aww what a sweet post! I don't see my family too often because my mother and grandmother lives over 2,000 miles away and my dad and sister lives over 1,000 miles away. We do try to make an effort to see each other but it is hard when we live so far apart. I have my boyfriend here with me, so that keeps me happy. :)

    Cute outfit! Love the skirt. :)

  8. I love that you went with a contrasting color, they don't match but, they 100% go perfectly!!


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