Ruffles are feminine

Feb 12 (1)
Feb 12 (2)
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When: Saturday February 12, 2011

Floral top: Saks (Panama)
White pants: Used to be my mom's
Black Nine West belt: TJ Maxx
Black pumps: La Onda (Panama)
Pink purse: Present from my parents
Faux Pearl bracelet: Present from my sister

Baked something special for Valentine's day (more on that later!)

I felt so feminine and girlie in today's look! I used to feel that ruffles were not really my style. My sister would always wear ruffles (and they looked fabulous on her), but somehow I felt that they just didn't look as good on me... Well, this top has really changed my mind!
Feb 12 (12)
I love how the ruffles make the entire outfit more ladylike and sophisticated. Of course the pink details and the faux pearls just add on to that feminine feel of this outfit.

Do you wear ruffles?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral top:
02 Feb 12

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  1. Oh, how I love this outfit. The cropped pants look amazing on you!

  2. I like your hair! will have to try this. I don't wear ruffles alot, but they are growing on me. I generally prefer cleaner more uncluttered lines, but I think they look lovely on others (like you) and probably could on me too. ... :) Have a great day!


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