A real pajama party

Dec 30 (1)
Dec 30 (2)
Dec 30 (3)
Dec 30 (4)
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Dec 30 (8)

When: Thursday December 30, 2010

Black maxi dress: Saks (Panama) (Only $6!)
Turquoise purse: ? (Panama)
Turquoise wedges: ? (Panama)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
Floral headband: Saks (Panama) (Only $1!)

Ran some errands with my mom and grandmother and also went to a pajama party with my friends!

Today I went to a real pajama party with my friends! The reason why I say it was a "real" pajama party is because we all went in our PJ's! We didn't do a sleepover, instead we ate lots and lots of food and gave each other Christmas presents. Here are all of my closest friends in their PJ's (I'm the one in the center in case you didn't recognize me):
Dec 30 (9)
I really missed spending time with my friends while I was living in the U.S. I'm so happy to be back home where I can see my family daily and also make fun plans with my closest friends. I'm so happy!

Have you ever gone to a party where you had to dress in a funny way (like in your PJ's)?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this maxi dress:
12 Dec 30

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  1. Wonderful color combination, Marie, and I love the wedges and the purse, beautiful blue. You find great things in Panama. Lovely pattern on the dress (maybe the teardrop necklace would go well with it?) Sweet flower headband too. Thanks for posting!

  2. Great maxi dress! The color looked fab on you :)


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