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When: Tuesday January 18, 2011

Pink strappy top: ? (Panama)
Light blue skirt: Stevens (Panama)
Floral top: ? (Panama)
Black belt: Christmas present from my parents
Black pumps: La Onda (Panama)
Black Liz Claiborne purse: TJ Maxx

Where: Ran errands with my mom and played some video games :)

This past weekend, I decided that it was time to go through all of my closet and take out all of those items that I never wear. I have always thought that a bigger closet (no matter what was in it) was the best option when making outfits... but, I was wrong.

I realized that looking through a closet filled with clothes that don't fit me properly, are very old, are no longer my style, etc., just makes me stressed out and makes it impossible to figure out what to wear.
Jan 18 (9)
So, I decided, it was time to go through everything in my closet and only keep items that fit me well, are my style, and I love. Everything else, I decided to donate to charity. The way I see it, there are many people out there that could get a whole lot more use out of my old clothes than I am (I mean, I never wear it).

And you know what? I feel so relieved! I look at my closet, and although it's much smaller than it was, I am still much happier than before! When I'm making my outfit of the day, it's a relief to know for sure that I will love everything that is in my closet. I am so happy I decided to downsize my closet :)

Do you find its better to keep loads of clothes or do you prefer keeping your closet more downsized? How do you deal with clothes that you no longer love?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this light blue skirt:
01 Jan 18
01 Jan 18 (2)

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  1. What I like to do is not to have too many clothing at once. At the end and beginning of each season I will go through my closet and pick out the ones that I didn't really wear that much. Take it to the consignment shop and make profit! Take that money to buy some new clothing. For example, if I sell three I buy three pieces. That way my wardrobe stays fresh but never really gets that huge.

  2. Congrats on doing what we call a "policia" on your closet. I have been doing the same on mine, and I find that it helps me when I'm making my outfits in the morning as well!

  3. I'm trying to remix my "underused items" - and if I can't, I'll probably donate them ... except the ones that have sentimental value. I have several of those, that I don't wear but can't part with ....

  4. I so love that skirt with the ice cream cup shirt! Too adorable! I also love it with the dark blue shirt in the fourth picture - that outfit is so flattering on you! <3

    I'm so glad you got your closet is cleaned ou now! :D I have a tendency to buy clothes from thrift stores on impulse because they're cute, and so cheap so "I'm sure I'll find some way to wear it!" then I end up never wearing them and they sit in my closet for months till I'm about to rip my hair out. Then I attack my closet with vengeance, rip everything I never wear or just don't like much out of my closet, throw them in a garbage bag and donate them to the Salvation Army. One of my goals this year is too buy less on impulse, buy more clothes that I love even if they're a little more expensive, and keep my closet cleaner. :D We'll see how it goes...

    ~ Katie

  5. It's really great that you went through your closet, I totally makes getting ready in the morning alot easier!


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