Your Choice of Best outfits of the year - Part 4

Here is the final part of the best-outfits-of-the-year segment! As I explained before, I post the best outfits of the year each Wednesday of the month of October as a way to celebrate my blog's first birthday. These are the outfits that all you readers have chosen as the best throughout the entire year.

So here are the best outfits of August, September, and October 2010:
Best Outfits of the Year - Part 4 (3)
Best Outfits of the Year - Part 4 (2)
Best Outfits of the Year - Part 4 (1)

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  1. I love the middle photo in the bottom set. Perfect!

  2. Ah! What a cool idea. It's fun to look at all your outfits and see what your style looks like.

    I love all your pops of colour! SO SHBAM.

  3. OH! They are all so pretty!! <3 I especially love the orange one and the one with the white blouse and jeans <3 <3

    Congrats on the first birthday!!

    ~ Katie


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