Your Choice of best outfits of the year - Part 2

As I mentioned before, I will be posting the best outfits of the year every Wednesday. These are the outfits that you readers voted as your favorites throughout the year. Thanks for all the support everyone!

To see the first part of this series, click here!

So here are the best outfits of January, February, and March 2010:
Best Outfits - Oct 013 (1)
Best Outfits - Oct 013 (2)
Best Outfits - Oct 013 (3)

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  1. I love how you're either in a dress or a skirt!

    Just Better Together

  2. I remember alot of these! That red dress on top was so cute!!!

  3. The red dress is darling! So...Americana!

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  4. I love the very last one! the one with the red boots! it looks so good on you! You look so feminine!! I adore it!
    I'm glad to read your blog again!

  5. No encontre donde mas podia escribir! TENIA q escribir, asi q lo hago por ahii, oh por dios, eres LO perfecto, amo tu blog LO AMO, im soooo amaze by you, and so proud! tu d vdd estas hecha para esto, es simplemente PERFECTO, OMG, lo vi toooooodo, y lo siento q demore tanto, no sabia q ya tenia esto en mis manos, did i mention im sooooo proud? no puedo creer q esa man q sale en todas esas fotos tan WAAO es mi mejor amiga, thank u for trusting in me with this important part of u, i wont dissapoint u, waoooo, im probably being soooo inappropriate, im sorry, i dont know how this works, but definitely works on u..

  6. I love that one with the black tie around your neck. Is that a separate tie? It looks like you have it in many outfits. I love that idea. How do you do that? Is it just a black strip of fabric?


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