NYC all in one day

Oct 9 (1)
Today we spent the entire day sightseeing in NYC! We had a wonderful time just walking around and seeing the beautiful city. We managed to go to soooo many places all in one day!
Oct 9 (2)
Just to mention a couple of the things we did: We saw the Statue of Liberty, we saw Ground Zero, we walked around Times Square, and we went to mass at the St. Patrick's Cathedral. We even saw a man propose to his girlfriend at the Rockefeller Center! How cool is that?!
Oct 9 (4)
Oct 9 (3)
We ended the night just sitting in Times Square eating delicious cupcakes. It was just a wonderful day in NYC with my parents and boyfriend! It was like a little dream come true :)
Oct 9 (5)

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  1. it sure was fun. About as good as anything can possibly be--all week, from the beginning to the end, with nothing left out in the middle. dad

  2. Glad you had a good time! What a wonderful blessing to be so close to your parents.

    Those cupcakes look delicious!


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