Outfit of the week - Reader's Choice

Aug 23 (11)Aug 24 (10)
Aug 25 (9)Aug 26 (9)
Aug 27 (10)Aug 28 (9)
Aug 29 (9)

Which is the best outfit of the week?
1. Working on no sleep!
2. The U.S. has the "good" sun
3. The last first day of school
4. Discovering a new bow tie
5. Eating Ice cream and dancing
6. How I missed NYC
7. From the back of my closet
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Last week's winner was...
Aug 16 (1)
"I have nothing to wear"

Thanks for the votes and for being so patient with my late posts!

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  1. 3 & 4 were my faves, but ultimately I went with 3 because I'm mad for plaid ;) even more than mustard!

  2. I voted 3 because I just love that orange, but 1 and 4 were close seconds. I love the red and print in 1 and the double tie with yellow top and lace skirt in 4.


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