Black is Chic Challenge: From Bla to Fabulous

Sept 23 (1)
Sept 23 (2)
Sept 23 (3)
Sept 23 (4)
Sept 23 (5)
Sept 23 (6)
Sept 23 (7)
Sept 23 (8)

When: Thursday September 23, 2010

Floral top: Saks (Panama)
Black skirt: ? (Panama)
Pink belt: Madison (Panama)
Beige pumps: eBay
Teardrops necklace: From this seller on eBay
Beige Tommy Hilfiger purse: TJ Max

Where: After work, I went to a friend's birthday party... I had lots of fun!

I have had this skirt for a long time now, and this is only the second time I wear it!! For some reason, this skirt looks sorda blaa hanging in my closet so I never really wear it. For the 4th day of my Black is Chic Challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to finally wear this skirt... and guess what? Now I love it!
Sept 23 (9)
This skirt is exactly what I need to make better work outfits! I love the way it shows off my curves without making me look too big. I especially like today's professional outfit because of the pattern mixing and the gorgeous teardrops necklace. I'm soooo happy to have transformed this skirt from blaaa to fabulous!

Have you ever had an item that just gets lost in your closet, and when you try it on again you are surprised to see its fabulous?

Here are all the ways in which I've worn this floral top:
09 Sept 23 (4)09 Sept 23 (1)
09 Sept 23 (2)09 Sept 23 (3)

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  1. I think that skirt is perfect for a more professional situation and it looks great on you!

  2. Lovely outfit! That would look great for a day in the office! Love the pumps too ^^

  3. That black skirt looks perfect on you! I love the floral pattern and your necklace is very pretty. :)

  4. Stunning combination, Marie. Love the combo of the floral with the bright pink belt and the teardrop necklace looks perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Marie! I love that necklace. It's gorgeous... just like you. :D

    xx Love & Aloha

  6. Love the pattern mix here... the flowers+lines on the skirt are perfect.

  7. I think the patterns really work well together and I just love when I rediscover something I thought I didn't like in my closet!

  8. Fabulous is a good word for this outfit. The bold pink belt matches perfectly with your gorgeous shirt. Also the neckless adds lots to this fabulous outfit. You look great. jsm


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